EPOS – Microsoft Teams Compatible Headphones

EPOS, the leading audio provider of premium audio solutions, has signed a long-term partnership agreement with Microsoft, the global market leader in unified communications and collaboration, to provide users with the ultimate communication and collaboration experience.

EPOS Headphones are Skype for Business Certified and powered by Microsoft Teams. As EPOS develops new and exciting headsets, these new headsets will be approved for Microsoft Teams.

The superior sound quality of EPOS, combined with fully integrated call controls and excellent comfort, offers users a rich and clear communication experience. EPSO headphones increase your productivity with fully integrated control and comfort.

With Microsoft Teams and EPOS audio solutions, your meetings in business life will now become much more practical and understandable in a way that both parties can understand each other.

EPOS headphones, which are also preferred in the field of education, provide great advantages for students with the superior comfort they provide in online education. With BrainAdapt technology, students can focus on what their teachers say and participate in the lessons in the best way without losing focus, even during long online trainings.

Unlock Your Potential

Focus on what you're doing and maximize your productivity anywhere with an EPOS AI™ powered headset for excellent call clarity and natural sound with adaptive ANC. Experience the most natural sound experience in your meetings with EPOS AI ™ technology, which adapts to the sound frequencies in the environment and increases the working performance. With the advanced microphone performance, transfer your thoughts to the other party in the most accurate way and enjoy the unique unified communication solution.

Superior Sound Quality and Rich Product Range

Keep moving, focus on your work and be more productive with the in-ear headphones with EPOS signature rich and natural sound, as well as noise filtering (ANC), both at work and on the road.

Microsoft Teams compatible EPOS headsets allow you to have business meetings anywhere, thanks to its wireless connection feature, ergonomic structure and comfortable use all day long.

You can experience the perfect balance of perfect sound and comfort in all kinds of earphone models of EPOS, such as wired, wireless, neckband, crown and in-ear headphones.

EPOS – Zoom Compatible Headphones

It is possible with EPOS's Zoom compatible headphones for superior audio and video experience.

Zoom, a global leader in cloud-based and video-first unified communications, has partnered with EPOS, a provider of premium audio solutions for companies.

Zoom's video priority unified communications platform and EPOS's premium HD audio quality for operating conditions and the benefits of seamless call control management are now combined.

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