Hi-Fi Systems for Your Home or Office

Hi-Fi Systems for Your Home or Office

Prepared for You by Hifilife Experience Experts

Hi-Fi Sound Systems for Cinema and Music

Would you like to examine the systems we have created as Hifilife for music and cinema enthusiasts who are keen on Hi-Fi and want to install a Hi-Fi system in their home?

Bringing together the legendary sounds of JAMO, Focal, KEF and Klipsch, choose the most suitable one for yourself and contact Hifilife Experience Experts.

You can customize each speaker in these Hi-Fi systems that we have created for you, according to your music and cinema tastes. Our professional technical team will determine the best Hi-Fi system for you in accordance with the architectural structure of your home and you will have your dream music and cinema system.

Free Project Service

If you wish, you can invite our professionals to your home by taking advantage of our free discovery service and choose the area where you would like to install a Hi-Fi system together. Our experts will guide you in the best way and decide on the placement of speakers and sound system components that will allow you to hear Hi-Fi sound without loss.

Focal Theva Hi-Fi Sound System

Focal Theva N3-D Focal Theva Hi-Fi system, powered by Dolby Atmos Supported Hi-Fi Tower Speakers, takes the music and cinema ambience to the next level, allowing you to enjoy 3D sound. THX and IMAX certified Onkyo is manufactured using the most exclusive components with the highest technology designed by Japanese engineers.

The ESS Saber DACs 9260Q Dual Chipset digital converter used inside the Onkyo amplifier offers a stunning cinematic experience in the cinema, as well as a completely natural presentation experience in music for audiophiles. Thanks to the Dirac Room Calibration software that comes with the system as a gift, you can use your Theva cinema system in the most calibrated way in your room.

Focal Vestia Hi-Fi Sound System

Vestia speaker series, which replaced the Focal Aria Loudspeaker series that we were accustomed to from previous years, has been produced with the same materials and reappeared. Vestia No.3 speaker used in this Hi-Fi system,
With the powerflow technology developed by Focal, it has added a completely different depth in the bass reflex cabinet principle, especially in the lower frequencies.

If you have a Sonos family product, you can add your Onkyo amplifier and multiroom receiver to your Sonos system as a separate zone. You can turn your home into an entertainment center with the Focal Vestia Hi-Fi music and movie system.

Jamo Hi-Fi Sound and Cinema System

The Onkyo TX-NR696 AV receiver, which we use in the Jamo Hi-Fi system, offers a wide range of sound with its 7.2 channel output and Dolby Atmos support, laying the foundation for an ideal cinema and music experience. The Jamo S805, which we consider as the main speaker, gives clear and balanced sound especially in the mid frequencies, while the Jamo S801 surround speakers allow the spatial sound to spread over a wider area.

The Klipsch R-100 Subwoofer produces deep bass at low frequencies, making it an immersive experience in movies and electronic music. The Jamo S 81 Center loudspeaker, on the other hand, clearly transmits sounds that are especially dialogue and vocal-oriented. When all these components come together, it offers a wide frequency range and a dynamic sound experience.

KEF Q Series Hi-Fi Sound and Cinema System

The Onkyo TX-RZ70 Receiver and KEF speaker series we use in this system form an impressive hifi sound and cinema system. The main speaker KEF Q550 offers a wide and detailed frequency response with its Uni-Q driver. The KEF Q150 and KEF Q50a surround speakers provide ideal high-frequency distribution for a spatial sound experience.

For central dialogues, the KEF Q650c makes conversations clear. The KEF Ci200QR atmos speaker creates a three-dimensional sound experience with its ceiling mount, while the KEF Kube 12b subwoofer produces deep bass. All these components provide a wide frequency range and a dynamic sound experience.

Klipsch Hi-Fi Sound and Cinema System

The Klipsch R-605FA front speakers we use in this system are Dolby Atmos compatible and offer a wide soundstage. This enriches your cinema experience. Klipsch R-40M surround speakers deliver impressive performance despite their small size. We chose the Klipsch RP-500SA and CS-16C II for atmospheric sound, the Klipsch RP-404C II for dialogue, and the RP-1000SW Subwoofer for bass.

This entire system is powered by the Onkyo TX-RZ70 Receiver with multiple connections and high power capability. In short, this Hi-Fi system; elevates your cinema and music experience to the next level.

Hifilife welcomes you not only with products that interest you, but also with its expert team in audio technologies that will help you experience the perfect sound.

Music and sound enthusiasts; You can view the world-famous timeless designs of the Bang & Olufsen brand, the perfectionist High-End headphones of the Focal and Sennheiser brands, Klipsch's legendary Heritage series, the engineering wonders of KEF speakers and many more sound marvels in our Bang & Olufsen I Hifilife Stores.

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