Passive Speaker

“Imagine passionate sounds dancing within the walls of your home, powerful and clear frequencies you've never heard before. Share this experience with premium brands (KEF, Klipsch) within Hifilife.”

A sound experience beyond perfection. With passive speakers, your activities at home will be very different from the previous ones and will impress you and your guests.

Sit in your seat and witness from the front row the stage performances of engineered passive speakers from KEF and Klipsch, who have more than 50 years of audio experience. History is in your ears.

What is Passive Speaker?

If you are wondering what a passive speaker is, let's examine it together. Passive speakers get their power from an external amplifier, as soon as the passive speakers connected to the amplifier with special Hi-Fi speaker cables start working, you feel the dust particles on the floor rise into the air. This type of speaker models do not have an internal power supply and external amplifiers have high power since they are powered by the amplifier. Passive speaker systems are also lighter, requiring fewer wires to operate. Passive speakers are mostly preferred by home users. An orchestra at your disposal for music, movies, sports events, any home activity you can think of.

How about Passive Speaker Cabinets?

We can compare passive speaker models to works of art exhibited at home. That's why the designs of these speakers are created by world-renowned designers, inspired by the universe itself. The materials used have a significant impact on the quality of the journey until the sound comes out of the cabin. In addition, quality wood and aluminum details are frequently used for its lifetime. The outer layers of the cabinets must be resistant to impacts, so the construction structures of the cabinets are also well adjusted. Materials such as rose, walnut, hornbeam, oak, ash and cherry are mostly used in passive speaker designs with wooden bodies. At the same time, there is no problem of overheating of the speaker equipment inside the passive speakers and the air inside the cabin while they are working.

Which Model Should I Buy?

The answer to the question of which passive speaker should we buy is directly proportional to what the listeners want. Which passive speaker model will be suitable for you depends on what, where and for what purpose you will use the speaker you want to buy. That's why you can let our experts help you in this regard by communicating your expectations to us from the contact section on our website.

If you wish, you can come to our stores and get face-to-face support from our Hifilife experts.

If you want to experience these magnificent passive speakers within Hifilife, you can visit our experience stores in Kanyon and Akasya shopping centers and get detailed information.

“Imagine passionate sounds dancing within the walls of your home,... Daha Fazla Göster

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