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We love listening to music. We are very particular about sound quality, design, and practicality.

Changing our home decor for better sound quality is not our style. Why shouldn't good music appeal to both our ears and eyes? Especially when we can listen to music from our mobile phones in every corner of our living spaces with satisfying quality, there's nothing more to say about our enjoyment.

That's how we think, and if you think like us, we would be delighted to fill your home with high-quality music.

We are here with a family of products that make listening to quality music very practical, thanks to decorative and up-to-date technologies.

Bang & Olufsen audio and video systems that complement your home decor with their unique sound and design,

World's most preferred Hi-Fi and cinema sound systems such as KEF, Sennheiser, Klipsch, and Hegel,

Audiophile portable music players and headphones from brands like A&Kern, Focal, Naim, and Sennheiser.

We have chosen all these brands and products for you and display them in our stores for you to experience.

Our stores are located in easily accessible locations. We serve you in Istanbul's European side at Kanyon Shopping Mall and on the Anatolian side at Akasya Shopping Mall. In Ankara, we are at your service in Panora Shopping Mall.

Come and experience together our B&O, KEF, Focal, Naim, Sennheiser, and other carefully selected products, each a design marvel offering excellent sound quality.

You won't believe your ears.

If you are after the better, we welcome you to our experience stores.

Hifilife welcomes you not only with products that interest you, but also with its expert team in audio technologies that will help you experience the perfect sound.

Music and sound enthusiasts; You can view the world-famous timeless designs of the Bang & Olufsen brand, the perfectionist High-End headphones of the Focal and Sennheiser brands, Klipsch's legendary Heritage series, the engineering wonders of KEF speakers and many more sound marvels in our Bang & Olufsen I Hifilife Stores.

Mon - Mon: 10:00am - 10:00pm


You can contact us at 444 0 794 or fill out the form below to consult our Customer Relations team about your questions.

Bang & Olufsen Bodrum

Yalikavak Marina Merkez Mah. Cokertme Cad. No: 6 Bodrum/Mugla

Phone: 0 539 920 76 69
e-mail: info@hifilife.com

Bang & Olufsen I Hifilife Panora

Panora Shopping and Life Center

Oran Mah. Jerusalem Cad. No: 3 C: 1 D: 181 Çankaya/Ankara

Phone: 0 535 366 3483
e-mail: info@hifilife.com

Bang & Olufsen I Hifilife Akasya

Akasya Mall, 1st Floor, Çeçen Sok. No:361, 34660, Acıbadem/Istanbul

Phone: 0538 013 0259

e-mail: info@hifilife.com

Bang & Olufsen I Hifilife Canyon

Canyon Mall, -2. Floor, Büyükdere Cad., No: 18F, 34394, Sisli/Istanbul

Phone: 0531 080 8045

e-mail: info@hifilife.com

Legend Sound Systems

Bang & Olufsen Türkiye Authorized Service:

Phone: (0212) 229 97 70

Tarabya, Gul Sok. NO: 61/A, 34457 Sariyer/Istanbul



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