Art of the A9

As part of the Art of the A9 project, art and music come together with the designs made on these special limited edition canvas covers.


Art meets music

To celebrate the 10th anniversary of Beosound A9, the iconic musical design that you can display anywhere with its circular design, the “Art of A9” project is being carried out with distinguished designers from many countries around the world. By applying their designs to the circular canvas of the Beosound A9, the artists reinterpret this unique speaker as a work of art. Art and music come together with their designs on these special canvas covers, which will be produced in limited numbers, within the scope of the “Art of A9” project.

Erdem Akan

Erdem Akan is an award-winning designer born and raised in Istanbul. Erdem is also an art director, curator and teacher. Instead of producing works in a certain style, ideas and creativity guide Erdem Akan on the way to design. He draws inspiration from working on stereotypical ideas, the contrast between disciplines and cultures, and the contrast that this often creates. In this design, Erdem Akan blended the Iznik motifs, which the Tile Master Salih Sarıçam carried from the 16th century to the present, with music.

Bang & Olufsen redesigns the Beosound A9 with its “Art of A9” project, giving it a bold, sculptural form. Designers Erdem Akan and Deniz Salaçin Erciyas add a new dimension to the A9.

Deniz Salaçin Erciyas

Deniz Salaçin Erciyas is an illustrator from Istanbul and she often works with everyday objects to turn them into bright designs. Deniz Salaçin Erciyas started her design journey by personalizing objects for her friends and loved ones. The impulse that inspires Deniz is "to create something different in this world where everyone and everything is alike, to allow people to find their own unique color and originality, to remind them that they are unique; to create designs with a soul". Deniz Salaçin Erciyas talks about her inspiration with "simplicity, colors, shapes, patterns in nature and the abstract expression that nature makes her feel" and states that she adopts the spontaneous in her works rather than sticking to a predetermined plan.

Getting lost in colors, finding new meanings among shapes, thinking about how people will feel when they see this design, and actually inviting everyone to the freedom I feel in this world is almost like being in another universe.

Deniz Salaçin Erciyas - Illustrator and Artist

Sound and design in one

The Beosound A9 is unlike any other speaker. We realize that the days of hiding your stereo are over. We designed the Beosound A9 as a beautiful piece of furniture with carefully selected materials and uncompromising detail work. The result is an iconic piece of music design that you can showcase wherever. Thanks to its built-in 'room calibration' system, Bang & Olufsen Signature Sound, delivered by our powerful 1500-watt digital amplifier system, blends perfectly into the environment around you.

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