EPOS ADAPT 260 On-Ear Bluetooth Headset with Microsoft Teams Support

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EPOS ADAPT 260 Over-Ear Bluetooth Headset with Microsoft Teams Support

The noise-cancelling wireless headphones have become an essential element in transitioning to a hybrid work arrangement. The Adapt 200 series also offers you the convenience of turning any environment into an office setting. With its ergonomic design, you can use it all day and connect to two different devices simultaneously. You will find what you are looking for in the Adapt 200 series with various USB dongle options.

While Adapt 260 values excellent sound, modern style and comfort, it makes a great impression by providing a very wide usage area with its UC feature; It is designed for you to use comfortably in every area, whether you are moving in the office or going to work. Its microphone with Noice Canceling and Voice Clarity ensures that every word is clear and intelligible, as if you were having a face-to-face conversation, even when working in noisy environments. It also protects your ear health against sudden shocks with EPOS Voice Technology.

Adapt 260 is a Microsoft Teams integrated headset, you can control calls and join your meetings with the Teams button on it. It puts your comfort before you with its foldable ear cushions, concealable microphone and expanding headband and faux leather ear cushions. It provides up to 27 hours of uninterrupted talk.


Technicial Specifications




Sound pressure level (SPL)

Max. Limited to 118 dB ActiveGard®





Microphone type

Noise filtering




Microphone frequency range

100Hz – 8,000Hz


Speaker frequency range

20Hz – 20,000kHz

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