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ANC or Active Noise Cancellation technology is often used in personal audio products such as headphones and earbuds. This technology tries to cancel this noise by detecting unwanted sounds coming from outside and producing an opposite sound wave.

What Does ANC Mean?

ANC is short for "Active Noise Cellation". It can be translated into Turkish as "Active Noise Cancellation". This technology is mainly used in headphones and speakers. It detects the noise coming from outside and cancels this noise by producing an opposite frequency. Thus, the user's music or sound experience is affected as little as possible by external noise.

ANC is especially useful for people who work on airplanes, trains, or in noisy offices. Thanks to this technology, external noises are effectively reduced or eliminated without impairing the headset user's audio experience. Overall, ANC technology can effectively reduce a significant amount of outside noise and provide a better audio experience.

What is ANC Headphone?

ANC headphone is a headphone with Active Noise Canceling technology. This feature helps to reduce or eliminate unwanted external sound, so the user can experience a clearer and more undistorted sound.

The best models of ANC headphones use one or more microphones that collect and analyze environmental noise. A sound wave is then generated against this noise and transmitted to the user. This opposing sound wave "cancels" or attenuates the waves of environmental noise so that the headphone wearer only hears the music or other sounds.

When two sound waves are in completely opposite phase (that is, with the peak of one coinciding with the trough of the other), these two waves cancel each other out, resulting in no sound. ANC technology uses exactly this principle.

Microphones located on the outside of the earphones detect sounds coming from outside. Then a sound wave opposite to these sounds is produced and sent to the user. This effectively "mutes" some or all of the outside sounds so that the user only hears the music or sound playing in the headphones.

How ANC Headphones Work

ANC headphone (ANC - Active Noise Celling) technology uses a combination of physical and digital methods to reduce or eliminate unwanted external noise.

Noise Detection: ANC headphones usually have one or more microphones that can pick up on outside noise. These microphones continuously collect and analyze environmental noise.

Phase Reversal: The earphone's electronic system creates a sound wave in phase opposite to the perceived noise. This is an "anti-noise" signal, the opposite of environmental noise.

Transmission of Anti-Noise Signal to the User: This anti-noise signal is added to the sounds the user hears. Undesirable environmental noise and its opposite, anti-noise signal, cancel or reduce each other.

Result: Environmental noise is greatly reduced or eliminated, so the user only hears music or other sounds.

How Are ANC Headphones Different From Other Headphones?

Headphones with Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) actively reduce or eliminate unwanted noise in the environment. This provides the user with a purer and clearer sound experience, especially in noisy environments. ANC headphones usually have the following differences and features:

Enhanced Audio Experience: ANC headphones allow you to hear music, podcasts, audiobooks or phone calls clearly even in noisy environments.

Convenience: Even in a noisy airplane cabin, train journey or busy office environment , users can focus their attention on the sounds they want.

Physical Health: Exposure to high noise levels can be stressful and can cause hearing loss in the long run. ANC headphones help reduce this risk.

Price: Because ANC technology requires microphones and electronics, these types of headphones are generally more expensive than headphones with passive noise canceling features.

As a result, ANC headphones are ideal for use especially when traveling, working or relaxing as they provide a clear and quality sound experience even in noisy environments.

Does ANC Affect Sound Quality?

Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) technology helps reduce distracting noises around you and improves your overall audio experience. Noise-reducing headphones capture the noise around you through microphones and "cancel" the noise by creating a sound wave opposite to that noise. This greatly reduces the background noise around you and allows you to focus on your main sound source.

However, there are some important points regarding the effect of ANC on sound quality:

  1. While ANC technology blocks out environmental noise, it can sometimes also block some details of music or other sounds. While this effect is usually not very pronounced, it can be noticeable for an extremely sensitive ear.
  2. A good ANC system strikes the right balance between noise cancellation and sound quality. Getting this balance right is generally better accomplished on higher-end (and often more expensive) ANC headphones.

In summary, ANC technology improves the overall audio experience and reduces environmental noise. This is usually due to the quality of the ANC technology and the overall design of the headset. State-of-the-art ANC-enabled headphones usually minimize these issues.

What to Consider When Buying ANC Headphones?

Listed below are some important factors to consider when buying ANC headphones:

Noise Canceling Quality: Not all wireless ANC headphones are equally effective at canceling noise. Some may be very effective at blocking out low-frequency noises (e.g. the hum of an airplane engine) while being less effective at blocking out high-frequency sounds (e.g. keyboard clicks or human speech).

Sound Quality: The main purpose of a headset with the best ANC is to make music or other sounds more clear. Therefore, sound quality is very important. Look for high quality drivers and a good frequency response.

Comfort: Comfort is important, especially for long-term use. Ideally, the headset should be lightweight and not put too much pressure on your head or ears.

Battery Life: The ANC feature can drain the headset's battery faster, so it's important to check the battery life. Most wireless noise canceling headphones provide between 15-30 hours of battery life with ANC turned on.

Additional Features: Other features included in the wireless ANC headset are also important. These may include wireless connectivity, fast charging, touch controls, and voice assistant compatibility.

Price: The ANC feature often increases the price of the headset.

Considering these factors, you can choose the one that suits you best among the noise reduction headphones.

What are the Most Preferred ANC Headphone Models?

The best models of wireless ANC (Active Noise Cancellation) headphones often offer high-quality sound, effective noise cancellation and comfort. However, which model is best often depends on personal preferences and the specific needs of the user. Here are some:

Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless 3 In-Ear Bluetooth Headphones : Adaptive Noise Canceling feature successfully filters out the surrounding sounds, allowing you to clearly perceive each tone and fascinating details. This technology adjusts to the acoustic situation around you and offers the purest sound experience.

Bang & Olufsen BeoPlay H95 Wireless On-Ear ANC Headphones : Combining Bang & Olufsen's 95 years of audio engineering experience, it is designed to deliver music and sound in their purest and most accurate form. The H95 ANC also has features such as user-friendly controls and long battery life. The active noise canceling (ANC) feature allows users to stay away from distracting outside noises and focus fully on the music experience.

Focal Bathys Hi-Fi Bluetooth Active Noise Canceling Headphones : Focal Bathys wireless headphones feature the latest Bluetooth® 5.1 and Active Noise Cancellation technologies. It offers two different noise canceling options - the "Silent" mode designed to counter intense ambient noise, and the "Soft" mode to help increase focus, providing superior sound isolation in both situations. There's also a "Transparency" mode that lets you detect environmental sounds when you need to experience the outside world.

Bang & Olufsen Beoplay EX True Wireless In-Ear Bluetooth Headphones : EX constantly monitors and adapts to blocking external sounds around you, so you can listen to your music uninterruptedly and make high-quality phone calls, wherever you are. What's more, the wind blocking feature prevents the wind from degrading the sound quality, so you can listen to your music pristinely and make phone calls without any hassle, even in windy conditions.

Sennheiser HD 458BT ANC On-Ear Bluetooth Headphones : With noise canceling, you can listen to your music regardless of environmental noise, even while traveling or in public transport. What's more, with smart features, you can reshape the use of your headset according to your personal preferences.

Sennheiser Momentum 4 Wireless On-Ear Headphones : The new generation Adaptive Noise Canceling feature automatically adapts to ambient noise, so you can keep your focus and hear every detail even in noisy environments.

What are ANC Headphones Prices?

Headphones with ANC (Active Noise Cancellation) technology are sold in a wide range of prices depending on various brands and models, as they often contain more advanced technology and higher quality components. These types of earphones are generally more expensive than standard earphones as they have the capacity to reduce the noise around them, giving users a calmer listening experience.

As a result, it's important to consider your budget, needs, and preferences when buying headphones with noise canceling.

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