Sennheiser Presence Gray UC Bluetooth Headphones

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EPOS Presence Gray UC Bluetooth Headset

Bluetooth Freedom for Out-of-Office Professionals with Epos Presence Gray UC

Epos PRESENCE GRAY UC Bluetooth headset, Presence Gray, which works in harmony with all Unified Communication platforms designed for multi-connection, produced for long-lasting phone conversations in the office, in the car or even outdoors, in order to communicate in an incredibly intelligible, clean way for users and the people they are talking to. The UC Bluetooth Headset offers users the privilege of seamlessly switching between their mobile phones and softphones with the freedom of mobile wireless connectivity.

Epos Presence Gray UC Bluetooth headset for long phone conversations excellent sound quality presents. Has HD sound quality Presence Gray UC Bluetooth headphone It offers flexible carrying and ease of use with one hand. You can accept and end calls using your headset without ever reaching for your phone, and you can also turn the volume up and down with the volume control on the headset.



  • Bluetooth connectivity: Answer your calls quickly and instantly with Bluetooth technology .
  • Hearing health protection : ActiveGard ?* technology provides protection from acoustic shocks and spikes in sound.
  • Comfort and Compact Design: While offering a comfortable use with its compact design, your conversations are now more comfortable.
  • Affordable Price and Durability: With an affordable price, a durable and top quality headset is purchased.
  • Flexible Carrying and One-Hand Use: Thanks to its simple use and portable structure, it supports you to talk easily and in any environment. Moreover, the stylish storage box provides easy protection comfort.
  • Microphone Advantage: It offers a clean and intelligible speaking experience with 3 Digital MEMS microphones . ? Slide Structure: Thanks to this structure, answering and ending calls is fast and very easy.
  • Long Lifespan: Keep your activity going all day long with the ability to talk for up to 10 hours at a time .
  • WindSafe Technology: Thanks to this technology, the wind will no longer reduce the intelligibility of your speech in outdoor conversations.

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