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The Story of EPOS

EPOS is a Danish-based audio solutions company. EPOS produces corporate audio equipment within the Demant Group, which is the world leader in sound and hearing technologies. In addition to corporate solutions, EPOS also manufactures high-quality headsets for the gaming, aviation and education sectors.

EPOS promises to offer a unique experience to users with its innovative design and high performance by re-evaluating its sound experience in the sound technologies it uses. EPOS provides the opportunity to work with high efficiency by maximizing human potential through the technologies it uses.

EPOS was founded as a successor to Sennheiser Communications, a joint venture of the Demant Group and Sennheiser.

The story of the EPOS brand dates back to 2003. EPOS was established in 2003 as Sennheiser Communications as a joint venture of Sennheiser, one of the leading brands in the audio world, and Demant Group, one of the first companies that come to mind when it comes to hearing health. When we come to 2020, the partnership of Demant Group and Sennheiser ends amicably and the company continues its way under the umbrella of Demant Group under the name of EPOS.

Demant Group, to which EPOS is affiliated, continues to produce strong products with more than 115 years of experience in working with innovation and robustness.

EPOS facilitates your performance in business and education life by providing users with an excellent hearing and hearing opportunity with its innovative sound enhancement technologies. EPOS, users who communicate frequently with their customers, work in different time zones, have high-importance meetings and meetings that need to understand the other person correctly; manufactures audio equipment that enables efficient communication and cooperation.

EPOS cares that users understand each other correctly during communication, while the sound is transmitted to the other party in the most accurate way thanks to its crystal clear microphones, every word that comes out of the other party's mouth reaches your ears very clearly and clearly. Demant Group, which also includes EPOS within the company, operates globally with 14 thousand employees in 30 countries today.

Areas of Activity of EPOS

EPOS enterprise headsets:

EPOS corporate headphones, produced for those who seek perfection in sound, are produced and designed with quality materials for long-term use. Corporate headphones produced by EPOS provide the perfect balance of sound and comfort.

Solutions for today's communication professionals from EPOS:

EPOS has taken its place in the business world with its headphones that offer a superior comfort and sound quality experience designed for professionals to keep up with any working environment. EPOS headphones, which senior executives will not want to leave with them in Teams and Zoom meetings, will ensure that the conversations continue in a near perfect way with the natural sound quality and clear quality microphones they offer.

Innovative Solutions That Increase Success in Classes

EPOS training headphones:

In online and hybrid trainings that entered our lives with the pandemic period, teachers can accurately convey information to students and present the lesson in an impressive way; It is important for the students to listen to the lesson without losing their focus in terms of the correct functioning of the education. In EPOS, it carries productivity to the top with its headphones that take education one step further and set the standards in the industry.

Versatile Use

EPOS headphones are with you on the go:

Use the EPOS wireless bluetooth headphones in the office, in the training area, or outside. EPOS has designed its headphones to be versatile, suitable for all conditions.

Its design, which does not compromise on comfort even if it stays in the ear for a long time, does not tire you with its soft pad, while its ANC (Active Noise Cancellation) performance allows you to focus on what you are doing by isolating you from the noise of the environment.

EPOS BrainAdapt™ Technology

EPOS has been working on hearing health for years under the umbrella of Demant Group. The Danish EPOS has important data that will allow us to predict how and when the human brain can perform at its best, in light of its knowledge in this area. Thanks to technologies that reduce the cognitive load on the brain, EPOS headphones provide excellent acoustics so that employees, students and gamers can perform better on their work, study and play.

EPOS Microsoft Teams Solutions

Offering world-class audio solutions to its users, EPOS has established a long-term partnership with Microsoft, the global market leader in unified communications and collaboration, to provide the best communication and collaboration experience for its users.

EPOS is fully compatible with Microsoft Teams, so you can quickly start, end and hold your calls. You also have the opportunity to adjust the sound level according to your environment. If you are a Microsoft Teams user, discover EPOS Microsoft Teams solutions on Hifilife to get to know your ideal product portfolio we need and to experience the product diversity.

EPOS Zoom Solutions

The superior meeting features of Zoom, which has proven itself in online meetings, and the product range of EPOS came together, and this union gave us the opportunity to have a perfect online meeting.

As a result of this union, you can maintain your sound quality and work efficiency with high performance, whether from the office or from home.

Experience the superior audio and video compatibility of EPOS and Zoom with meeting features that make it easy to initiate, join and collaborate on business meetings, on any device. Discover EPOS Zoom solutions to get to know our ideal product portfolio for Zoom users and to experience the product variety.

The ADAPT series is the premium headphone series of the EPOS brand. ADAPT series works flexibly with its versatile usage support, it connects seamlessly with the devices you use. Thanks to their high-quality microphones, ADAPT headphones protect your voice from ambient noise and transfer your conversations to the people around you in the most natural state. Thanks to its ANC (Active Noise Cancellation) feature, it allows you to concentrate on what you are doing. With the ANC feature, you can filter out unwanted sounds and focus on your work better and work efficiently.

Take Your Work Wherever You Want

In business life, every day is different, one day we have a meeting at the office, one day we may need to attend an important meeting at the airport that we need to focus on, or on the contrary, we may want to listen to music for some relaxation while we are working, EPOS's ADAPT series is more than enough to successfully meet all of these scenarios. sufficient.

The world is your office with the ADAPT series. Experience the comfort of versatile audio systems.

EPOS collaborates with AstonMartin Cognizant Formula One™ Team as Global Audio Partner

Few events are as communicative as Formula 1. When every fraction of a second counts, messages must be delivered clearly and without delay. High-end communication and collaboration tools are vital in the demanding world of Formula 1. With his experience in communications at EPOS, he joined the Aston Martin Formula One™ team as a Global Audio Partner.

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