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Outdoor speakers are loudspeaker models specially designed for listening to music and broadcasting sound in outdoor environments.

What is an Outdoor Speaker?

In the garden, on the terrace, on the balcony, etc. Outdoor speaker models used in areas are mostly designed to be resistant to water, dust, heat and other external factors since they will be found outdoors. Outdoor speaker models, also known as garden speakers , allow us to experience music and cinema outdoors.

What Does an Outdoor Speaker Do?

Outdoor speakers are loudspeaker systems that allow us to broadcast sound in the gardens of houses, on the terraces of companies, on the beaches of entertainment venues, in the open areas of restaurants, in sports facilities, in the parking lots of shopping centers and many similar places. Outdoor speakers, which are passive systems, are carefully placed to spread the sound equally in the area they are in. Loud sound is important for outdoor speakers for entertainment venues, but decor speakers are also used to obtain background sound in places such as shopping malls and restaurants.

What are the Features of Outdoor Speakers?

Some key features of outdoor speakers are:

Weather resistance: The strongest feature of outdoor speakers is that they can withstand the harshest weather conditions. These outdoor speaker models are designed to withstand water, dust, impact, temperature and other weather conditions.

Loud sound output: Outdoor speakers usually have a high sound output because they have the capacity to radiate sound over a wide area. Garden speaker types, which are passive systems, offer high sound performance when paired with the right amplifier, cable and power feeders. Positioning the speakers suitable for the garden in key points with the right project drawing in sufficient numbers allows us to obtain high Watt power in total.

Durability: As these speakers are generally used in harsh conditions, they are designed to withstand drops, bumps and other physical shocks. Materials such as rubber and stainless metal are also frequently preferred materials in these speaker models.

Wireless Connectivity: Many outdoor speakers are paired with amplifiers that support cutting-edge streaming services and connectivity modules for ease of use; They allow music transfer via wireless connectivity features such as Bluetooth or Wi-Fi.

What Should Be Considered When Choosing an Outdoor Speaker?

When choosing outdoor speakers, first the area of ​​use should be determined and the model should be selected accordingly. After determining the type of speaker suitable for the usage area, we should compare the speaker models we will buy with each other and decide which one is more suitable for us in terms of features, performance and price.

Here are some important points to consider when choosing an outdoor speaker:

Durability: It is important that we make sure the garden speaker is weather and physical shock resistant. It is important that the speaker remains intact and continues to play music in all kinds of bad weather conditions and physical contacts that may be experienced outdoors. The most important features of outdoor speakers are that the outer casing and interior components of decorative speakers that will be directly exposed to sunlight are designed to be resistant to these conditions and that they can be used for many years.

Sound Quality: Although the outdoor speaker stands out with its durability, at the end of the day, when we choose an outdoor speaker, the sound quality is one of the most important factors affecting our purchase. After deciding whether you prefer strong bass, detail in music, or have a balanced musical taste, it is important to choose the speaker that best suits your ear taste. According to the usage area, the sound power of the outdoor speaker is also important. For example, if we want to spread the sound over a wide area, we should choose a garden speaker with high sound output .

Connectivity Options: Outdoor speakers may have wireless connectivity with the necessary amp integration, but mostly garden speakers do not offer smart features on their own as they are passive systems. They get streaming services through the amplifier.

Size: For outdoor speakers, size is important. For example, in a floor-standing garden speaker, we need to make sure there is enough space around the speaker to get sound-efficient performance, so we can decide on the size of the garden floor speaker. The situation is similar for outdoor speakers to be mounted on the wall, the direction and position of the speaker positioned on the wall are important so that the sound does not echo. After the experts have marked that the sound will be delivered to the right areas, the outdoor speakers should be installed. It is an important issue to have the appropriate space for a good cosmetic appearance.

Price: You can choose the most suitable price for you among the outdoor speaker alternatives that you have listed according to the features you want. However, it should not be forgotten that price and quality are generally directly proportional to garden speakers.

Which Outdoor Speakers Are Used in Which Locations?

Before determining the loudspeaker model to be used outside, it is necessary to determine the usage area and the type of activity. If a party will be held in the garden during the day with a background music playing in the background and when it gets dark, a speaker selection should be made accordingly. In the speakers to be used on the wall, if we want the sound to surround us and create a concert effect, we can obtain a powerful sound by increasing the number of speakers.

For example, restaurants and cafes often use medium-sized and durable outdoor speakers to provide a pleasant atmosphere for their customers. That's why it's important to consider your needs and usage area when choosing your speaker.

What are the Speaker Models Suitable for the Garden?

For example, American manufacturer Klipsch's AWR-650-SM Outdoor Garden Rock Loudspeaker, PRO-650T-RK Outdoor Garden Transformer Rock Speaker, PRO-10SW-RK (Subwoofer) Outdoor Garden Transformer Rock Bass Speaker in the garden on the ground, on the lawn, in the ground etc. positioned to give powerful sound and bass performance. Klipsch's rock type speakers can also be used as decorations in the garden with their rock look. Klipsch rock-type speakers, which are passive systems, start playing music with the amplifier to be placed in a closet or in a more hidden area in the garden.

What are the Wall Mounted Outdoor Speaker Models?

British speaker manufacturer KEF has loudspeaker models produced for outdoor use. KEF on-wall outdoor speaker models consist of KEF Ventura 6 Outdoor Loudspeaker, KEF Ventura 5 Outdoor Loudspeaker, KEF Ventura 4 outdoor loudspeaker models. KEF Ventura outdoor outdoor garden speakers are sold in pairs. In this way, you get right and left sound, that is, stereo sound. This ensures that you get an enjoyable sound performance. Klipsch also has in-wall speaker models. Klipsch KHO-7 Outdoor Outdoor Garden Loudspeaker, Klipsch AW-400 Outdoor Indoor Outdoor Loudspeaker, Klipsch AW-525 Outdoor Indoor Outdoor Loudspeaker, Klipsch outdoor outdoor outdoor speaker models. These models are positioned on the wall and allow us to hear sound from above at head level or above. Since the sound comes from above, we are left with an enveloping sound experience.

What are Outdoor Speaker Prices?

Prices of outdoor speakers vary according to their usage areas, features and brands. For example, the reason why the usage areas in outdoor speakers affect the price; In cases such as the in-wall wiring process of an on-wall speaker system, the placement of the speakers, the labor cost can be more expensive than the above-floor garden speakers, which can result in a higher price for on-wall outdoor speaker models. Features also affect the price of garden speakers.

Fine workmanship and detailed driver features, high Watt power, the value of the materials used in the case and generally affect the price of the speakers to be used outside. Garden speakers sold as decorations, on the other hand, have a special design, so their prices may be higher. Klipsch's rock sound speaker models are expensive due to the cost of the rock effect used in their exterior. These speakers are highly resistant to harsh outdoor conditions, which increases costs in durability. The brand is also one of the factors affecting the price of outdoor speakers, the KEF brand's on-wall speakers are priced higher than Klipsch.

Outdoor Speaker Models Outdoor speakers are loudspeaker models specially designed... Daha Fazla Göster

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