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Active Speaker Models and Prices

Active speaker models are divided into two as single and double. While single models consist of a single active speaker, paired active speakers are determined as right and left stereo speakers. Active loudspeakers are available in different sizes and types, for example, the active speaker model can be singular or in pairs as a shelf-mounted or tower-mounted speaker.

Active speakers only need a power cable since they contain an amplifier, so active speakers are the ideal solution for listening to music practically without cable clutter. Active loudspeaker types can receive the audio signal directly, since they offer the amplifier in their own hardware. Active speakers do not require external amplifiers to improve the quality of the sound. Thanks to the built-in amplifiers, you can get sounds that do not distort at high volume and have a wide frequency range. All you have to do to use the active speaker is to plug the speaker into the power source and transfer the music you opened from your phone to the speaker and enjoy the music. Active speaker types also have smart features, thanks to its built-in amplifier, it has digital broadcasting options such as Spotify Connect, Google Chromecast, AirPlay 2. It also includes digital music services such as Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer, Tidal.

You can use active speakers for professional purposes according to their type and quality, they are generally preferred by people who deal with professional music and people who make music passion, which we call audiophiles. Active speakers are also frequently used as home theater systems. Thanks to its optimized amplifiers and software, there are no situations such as distortion in loud sounds, deterioration of the amp, burning of cables. Since the changes you can make on the active speaker are limited, it allows even the most amateur user to manage it easily.

Active Speakers Prices

Active speaker models are divided into quality and price groups according to their types. There are active speaker models from the entry level to the middle level to the highest level, even at the level that we call High-End, the peak point of music gourmets. Factors such as the model of the active speaker, the technologies it contains, the workmanship of the driver, the quality of the material, the brand power are the factors that directly affect the price of the active speaker.

How to Use Active Speaker?

Thanks to its active speaker, built-in amplifier and advanced smart features, it works in full harmony with digital services, allowing you to hear the song and movie you want in high quality. Smart speaker models with high detailed and hifi sound quality offer a unique listening pleasure by presenting the sound in its natural and clear form. After plugging the active speakers into the socket with the power cable, you can listen to your music practically by managing them from the remote or the mobile application of the active speaker brand you purchased.

What is Active Speaker?

Active speakers are loudspeaker models with a built-in amplifier that can be preferred by users who want to listen to quality music or enjoy the cinema at home. The active speaker is powered from the wall outlet, after plugging in the power cord, your active speaker is ready to use. It's ready to play music without the need for an extra speaker cable and amplifier. Active speakers are the favorite speaker model of music lovers who want to listen to high-quality music and at the same time want practical solutions that do not take up much space at home. Inside the active speaker cabinets, sockets for amplifier, drivers, subwoofer drivers and audio inputs and outputs are provided.

Active Speaker Features

Active speakers contain amplifiers, drivers and I/O sockets compared to passive speaker models. In dual active speakers, one of the active speakers mostly contains sockets and control buttons, in fact, we can say in one of the management center speakers. Active speakers that we connect with the power cable can be connected via bluetooth or wifi wireless network, depending on the features they have. Wifi connection is a more modern solution for music streaming and can be shared in a higher quality way. Today, you can establish a connection by introducing the speaker model you have purchased in the mobile applications of active speaker brands. After the connection you have established, you can listen to your music wirelessly via services such as Spotify Connect and AirPlay 2. There is also a USB port on the active hifi speaker models, so you can transfer your music with the USB disk you will connect. Some active speaker models also have a subwoofer input so you can connect your subwoofer for extra punchy bass. It is possible to establish a connection over the local network with active hifi speakers with an Ethernet port. Finally, you can connect with your TV by using the HDMI input of your active speaker to listen to music on the TV, watch series and movies from digital services such as Netflix, Disney+, Amazon Prime, BluTV, Exxen, Mubi.

Active Speaker Brands

Active hifi speaker models of Bang & Olufsen, Kef and Klipsch, which are among the brands that produce the best active speakers, are waiting for you in and Hifilife's experience stores with official distributor guarantee, same day shipping, fast delivery, high customer satisfaction assurance. Bang & Olufsen, one of the active speaker brands, produces premium hifi active speakers that stand out with their design. Kef active speakers, on the other hand, open the doors of hifi music experience with powerful sound outputs and the Uni-Q driver model, which is characterized as the ultimate driver design of Kef engineering. Klipsch's Heritage series active speakers, on the other hand, are cults of the active speaker world with their unique tones and classic cabinets.

Active Speaker Prices

Active speaker prices vary depending on the features of the active speaker model purchased and the active speaker type. The price of an active hifi speaker is directly related to whether it is a shelf type speaker, a tower speaker or a single speaker. In addition, active speakers are more affordable than passive speakers as they do not need external amplifiers, additional cables and power related accessories and units.

Considerations When Buying Active Speakers

The first thing to do when purchasing active speakers is to determine the area where we will position the active sound system, taking into account the size of our room. After determining our area, we can choose the most suitable active speaker model in line with our needs, considering the connection features, sound quality and material quality of the active speaker model we will buy. Do we want strong bass, do we want stereo sound, do we want high detailed sound, at this point, after we are sure of our ear taste, we should determine our speaker preference accordingly. In addition, at the point of connection options, choosing the most attractive connection options such as bluetooth, wifi, ethernet, usb port affects your satisfaction with the active speaker model you will buy.

Active Speaker Types

Active speakers are sold individually or in pairs. Active speaker models sold in pairs naturally have a higher volume level and offer stereo features. Active speakers are divided into two as shelf type active speakers and tower type active speakers. Shelf type speakers can be easily positioned on the side of the TV or on the desk for home use. In tower type active speaker types, more space is needed in the house. Tower speakers with a length of 1 meter and above offer a stronger sound level. In general, tower-mounted speaker models are produced from higher quality materials and contain more drivers, which is reflected in the prices of tower-type active speaker models. While Bang & Olufsen's BeoPlay A9 Multiroom wireless speaker model is sold individually, Kef's tower LS60 Wireless active speaker and Klipsch's shelf active speaker model The Nines are active speaker models sold in pairs.

Differences Between Active Cabs and Passive Cabs
What are they?

Active cabinet speaker systems are one of my best sound system solutions for the general user group with features such as built-in amplifier, sockets for audio inputs and outputs, the ability to work with a single power cable, practical connection and installation. Passive cabinet speakers, on the other hand, require an external amplifier connection compared to active cabinets. Together with the amplifier included in the system, these passive systems take up much more space in the house as they need speaker cables and various power supplies in addition to the power cables. In passive cabinets, the speakers alone do not make sense and will not work without an amplifier. After the amplifier connection is established, music transfer takes place according to the characteristics of the amplifier. If the amplifier you use has smart features, you can listen to your music with a phone connection. Passive cabinet systems require a high degree of curiosity and effort, so passive cabinet speaker systems are preferred by audiophiles.

Are Active Speakers Connected to the Amp?

Active sound systems, also called amplified speakers, have a built-in amplifier in their cabinets. Therefore, they have the ability to play music without the need for an external amplifier connection.

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