Over-Ear Bluetooth Headphones

How to use an over-ear bluetooth headset?

The over-ear bluetooth headset is activated after pressing the power button on the headset. In order to pair the active headset with the phone or computer, after pressing the Pairing button, usually within 3-5 seconds, our phone and computer start to recognize the headset. The pairing button is usually the same key as the power key. By clicking on the name of the on-ear headset that our device recognizes, we successfully perform the pairing. For example, after pairing on the phone, the statement that the bluetooth headset is connected to our device appears in the top notification bar on our screen. After connecting our over-ear bluetooth headset model to our device, we start using it immediately, or we start playing music by installing a mobile application, if available, and customizing the sound according to ourselves (equalizer setting). On-ear bluetooth headphones, settings such as volume up and down, switching to the next music and returning to the previous music are made via the physical keys or touch areas on the earphones. Bluetooth headsets, which also have microphone features, also have a button to turn on and off the incoming call, or this process is performed with the power button. Wireless on-ear headphones have a carrying case and a protective box to carry the headphones of high-end brands such as Bang & Olufsen, Sennheiser and Focal, with this case we protect the device from scratches and drops. There are different types of folding in on-ear headphones, some headphones fold inwards, while in some bluetooth headphones, the pads can move by turning outward and inward. After you decide on the type of bluetooth headset that you like for your own comfort or cosmetically, you can make your purchase.

What should be considered when buying on-ear bluetooth headphones?

When purchasing over-ear bluetooth headphones, our needs should be considered first. If we take long walks and travel on public transport during the day, it would be right for us to choose a headset with ANC (Active Noise Cancellation) and Transparent Mode, whose battery can last for long hours. If we have meetings all day in a corporate environment and want to get away from the sounds in the environment, a headset with ANC (Active Noise Cancellation) mode, with a long charge, high microphone quality and comfortable pads at the same time can allow us to do our job in a performance way. If we are taking online trainings or doing homework, the sound quality of our headphones should be good so that we can understand what the instructors are saying in the best way. Even if we are studying, the passive noise canceling of the headset should be so good that even if the headset is not active, it should cut the ambient noise around and enable us to focus on the lesson we are studying. In short, when choosing an on-ear wireless headset, after deciding in line with our needs, the headset's battery life, charging time, whether it has Active Noise Cancellation and Transparent Mode feature, microphone quality for call calls, bluetooth version, functionality of control buttons and smart features, whether the ear pads have been changed or not. and we can look at the service network of the headphone brand.

How to charge over-ear bluetooth headphones?

To charge the over-ear bluetooth headphones, we must first determine the suitable cable type. After connecting the headphones with charging socket inputs such as Micro USB or Type C to the charger with the appropriate cable, we can start charging. When charging the Bluetooth headset, the headset does not need to be turned on, we can charge the headset when the headset is turned off. The notification light on the earphones turns on in a different color while the earphones are charging and after they are fully charged. We can charge the headphones with the charger of our phones, we can charge them by connecting them to the USB output of our computer, while camping, traveling, etc. In an area, we can charge our wireless on-ear headphones via Powerbank.

Is the sound quality of over-ear bluetooth headphones good?

The sound quality of over-the-ear bluetooth headphones has reached a good level today with the development of the bluetooth driver and the technology's emphasis on mobility. In old bluetooth versions, there was a serious loss of sound in bluetooth headphones, so music lovers preferred wired headphones. However, after bluetooth 5.0, while the sound quality has increased in the sound wireless on-ear headphone models, the battery life has also started to get better. As the Bluetooth version increases, both the loss in sound decreases and the battery time becomes more efficient. The materials and workmanship used in the headphone drivers of quality brands seriously affect the sound quality of the headphones. The larger the mm in the headphone driver, the higher the sound power, but this does not mean sound quality in itself. A 38mm headphone can deliver better quality sound than a 40mm headphone, but driver size does not mean quality. You can adjust the treble, mid and bass settings of the on-ear bluetooth headphones via the headset's own mobile application, if you are not using a headset with a mobile application, you can improve the sound quality by making an equalizer on your headphones through a 3rd party application.

Do over-ear bluetooth headphones hurt the ear?

Using over-the-ear bluetooth headphones at high volume can damage our hearing. Generally, when we start using a headset for the first time on smartphones, when we want to turn it from medium volume to high volume, you will receive a warning for your ear health, do not listen to music at high volumes. Despite this warning, you can increase the volume when you press the ignore button. Listening to loud music can lead to hearing loss later in life. It is necessary to listen to our Bluetooth headphones at medium volume. Many over-ear headphones use artificial leather pads, the sound insulation of artificial pads is better than velvet ear pads, but sound insulation means that airflow is also cut off. Cutting off the air flow is not good for our ear health. It is recommended by experts to ventilate our ears from time to time by removing our on-ear wireless headphones while listening to music, studying, meetings and interviews. Since over-ear bluetooth headphones are positioned above our ears, they are less harmful at loud sounds compared to tws earphone models. Hygiene is also important in Tws headphones, cleaning the ear tips regularly is important for our ear health. In wireless on-ear headphones, there is no need for such a procedure, it will be enough to clean the headphones at regular intervals and remove the dust.

Best over-ear bluetooth headphones recommendations

The best on-ear bluetooth headset is the headset model we buy according to our own needs. After determining your criteria, if you want the battery of the headset you want to buy to last for a long time, the Sennheiser Momentum 4 Wireless on-ear bluetooth headset offers you up to 60 hours of use. Momentum 4 earphones also have a fast charging feature, offering up to 6 hours of use with a 10-minute charge. Sennheiser Momentum 4 over-ear wireless headphones are a good choice for music lovers who want high performance on the battery. Bang & Olufsen Beoplay H95 may be a good choice for users who want good ANC performance and high comfort in ear pads. Beoplay H95 lambskin ear pads offer a comfortable use with the softness of the crown, while cutting the noise in the environment with its dynamic ANC performance. The Bang Olufsen Beoplay H95 is also light and sturdy with its aluminum frame. For those looking for a good sound quality, Focal's Bathys headset offers hifi sound performance, although it is described as a bluetooth headset. For audiophiles who want high performance in sound, Bathys may be the choice of wireless on-ear headphones. For those looking for a good call performance, Bang & Olufsen Beoplay HX allows you to have crystal-quality calls and meetings with its 4 microphones in its body.

What are the prices of over-ear bluetooth headphones?

The price of over-ear bluetooth headset models varies depending on the features such as the driver, battery performance, bluetooth version, smart features, smart noise canceling and transparent mode, material quality and brand. Bang & Olufsen bluetooth headphones are more expensive than other brands. Bang & Olufsen headphones are followed by Focal and Sennheiser in price. Bang & Olufsen Beoplay H95 is the most expensive bluetooth headset model. Beoplay H95 is the most expensive on-ear headphone model with ANC and high sound performance, aluminum material quality, lambskin pads, aluminum carrying case and microphones that offer clear calls. Sennheiser HD 458BT wireless on-ear headphone model can be given as an example of a more affordable bluetooth headset recommendation. Sennheiser HD 458BT bluetooth headphone is one of the best earphones in terms of price and performance. Wireless earphones with ANC performance offer a pleasant using experience with the sound quality it offers.

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