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Focal I Hifilife

What is Focal Brand?

Focal, one of the first brands that comes to mind when it comes to loudspeakers, was founded in 1979 in France by Jacques Mahul in a small workshop in the city of Saint-Etienne. The Focal brand is frequently mentioned in the market with its product portfolio such as high-quality speakers, in-car audio systems and high-end headphones. In addition to the product collection it offers to the end user, Focal also offers solutions for the professional audio world. Focal, which produced loudspeaker components in its early years, expanded its product portfolio as time passed, and introduced home speakers, reference speakers for musicians, headphones and custom installation sound systems as the final product. Its high experience in acoustic engineering makes Focal stand out in the industry.

Focal, which is one of the pioneers of the sector when it comes to sound and acoustics, has increased its awareness with materials such as W sandwich cone and Tioxid, which it uses in its speakers at the end of the 1980s and in the 1990s. You can now buy Focal's hi-fi headphones and passive speaker models on Hifilife with the assurance of an official distributor.

What is Passive Speaker?

Passive speakers are loudspeaker systems that need an external amplifier power. Passive speakers offer audiophile sound quality. Passive speakers, unlike active speakers, work together with the amplifier to provide sound output. Cable on passive speaker models
quality and that the amps are powerful enough to drive passive speakers are important. With the right amplifier selection and suitable cables, you can get high end sound quality from passive speakers.

Focal Passive Speaker Models

The passive speaker models produced by Focal in the audiophile class are carefully produced both for home users who are music lovers and for artists who want to listen to their songs again after recording them in the studio. Passive speakers are speakers that need an external amplifier power, passive speakers connected to the amplifier with silver, copper or gold plated speaker cable provide hifi music experience. Speaker systems produced by Focal for cars are also passive. If you pair a Focal Vestia series speaker with a Naim amplifier, your passive speaker system will provide you with an enjoyable music experience. In addition to Vestia No.4, Vestia No.3 and Vestia No.2 models, which are Focal's tower type speaker models, there are High end speaker models such as Focal Grande Utopia. There is also a center speaker in the Vestia series, as well as Focal's shelf-mounted speaker model, such as the Vestia No.1. Focal's high-end loudspeakers models offer lossless, high-resolution audiophile-grade sound when paired with Oehlbach cables. Focal high end passive speaker models consist of Utopia III Evo, Sopra, Kanta, Aria 900, Aria K2, Vestia, Theva, Chora, Chorus 700 collections. You can easily drive Focal's passive speaker series with Naim Uniti Atom and Focal's Astral 16 amplifier models.

Focal Passive Speaker Prices

Focal's passive speaker prices vary according to the features and models you prefer. The Focal speaker series you will use in the Focal passive speaker system you will install, the amp model you will choose, the cables you will use are the issues that will determine the price of your system. Among Focal passive speaker models, Vestia, Theva, Chora, Chrous 700 series are entry models of Focal's hifi speaker class and are more affordable in terms of price. Focal's most expensive speaker series is the Utopia Evo III.

The Difference Between Hi-Fi Headphones and High-end Headphones

Let's first understand the difference between Hi-Fi headphones and High-end headphones, Hifi literally means high fidelity, it refers to the sensitivity and quality of music components to sound. Hifi headphones allow us to listen to the music of the song we listen to with more accurate quality and high resolution. Hifi headphones are preferred in entry and mid-range budgets. High end headphones, on the other hand, are quite expensive for a reason:

High-end headphones are truly designed for audiophiles, the components are of the highest quality and often handcrafted. The component quality used meets all kinds of standards for you to get high-level sound performance. A Focal Utopia 2022 High-end headphone used with Naim Uniti Atom headphone amplifier, you will hear details you have never heard before in a song you have listened to before and you will experience lossless music.

Focal Wireless Hifi Headphone

Focal's Focal Bathys model, announced in 2022, is Focal's Hifi headphone model, which stands out with both wired and wireless use. Incorporating active noise canceling technology, Bathys is a good travel headphone model with over 30 hours of battery life. Incorporating Focal's M dome diaphragm drivers, Bathys offers high-quality sound and a more detailed listening pleasure.

Focal High-end Headphone Models

Headphone models produced by Focal fall into the category of high-end headphones. Inspired by Focal's acoustic engineering and passive speaker experience, Focal headphones will let you experience high-end music at its peak. Focal's hifi headphone models are Focal Celestee, Focal Radiance Bentley Edition, Focal Clear MG, Focal Stellia, Focal Utopia 2022 high-end headphone models.
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Focal Hifi Headphones Prices

Focal's hifi headphone prices vary according to the model and the technologies they contain. The driver technology, acoustic performance, open or closed earphones of the model you prefer among the Focal earphones also affect the price of the earphones. The quality of the headphone cable, carrying case and other accessories used in the box content of Focal headphones also varies according to the model of the product. Focal Utopia, the most expensive headphone model, has a rich box content. The price order of Focal high-end earphone models is Focal Bathys, Focal Celestee, Focal Radiance Bentley Edition, Focal Clear MG, Focal Stellia, Focal Utopia 2022 high-end, from cheap to expensive.

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