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Listeners' perspectives on music have evolved since wireless connectivity technologies developed. The possibility of taking the music with us whenever we want, away from the cable clutter, was loved by everyone. We have witnessed a great change and development in the portable bluetooth speaker industry with the increase in the connection quality of the Bluetooth technology and the high efficiency in power consumption.

A bluetooth speaker that you will not want to leave with you while doing sports on the beach, chatting with friends by the campfire, or dancing on the terrace of your home. It will undoubtedly make the moment unforgettable.

What is Portable Bluetooth Speaker?

A portable bluetooth speaker is a fully independent wireless speaker that promises to play music until it runs out after being charged, just like a mobile phone. Bluetooth speakers, which you can take anywhere you want in your bag, in your hand, in your car, in your bike basket, without being connected to any cable after being charged, have been developed to keep up with daily life and provide you, the listeners, with a better quality and enjoyable time.

Where Can We Use Portable Bluetooth Speakers?

You can choose portable bluetooth speakers for all your individual and collective activities with peace of mind.

- Turn on your Bang & Olufsen Beosound A1 speaker, which has a charge time of 16 hours, and witness the best moments of relaxation when you take a breather while walking on the beach.

- While having nice conversations with your friends by a campfire, you can relax with the Bang & Olufsen Beosound Explore, which has a power reserve of up to 2 hours, by turning on a lo-fi music in the background, making the silence of the night more peaceful.

“You also have the chance to charge and use your portable bluetooth speakers via the powerbank, you don't need to be connected to the outlet.”

Best Portable Bluetooth Speakers

Beosound A1 , Beosound Explore , Beolit ​​20 speakers of Bang&Olufsen, one of the brands that produce the most elite sound products in Europe, are waiting for you in Hifilife.com and Hifilife's stores located in Akasya and Kanyon shopping malls.

The dream that started in Arkansas, USA, with its 76 years of experience, continues today. Klipsch, which has reduced its experience in active and passive speakers to portable sizes, awaits you listeners with Heritage Groove , The One II , The Three II models on the Hifilife website and in Hifilife stores.

Listeners' perspectives on music have evolved since wireless connectivity technologies... Daha Fazla Göster

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