Focal Theva Wall Mount Surround Speaker

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Focal Theva with Spatial Sound

2-Way Indoor Surround Passive Speaker

Theva Surround is the wall mountable speaker of the Theva series. It complements your Home Theater system and can be easily installed in different locations for a full sound immersion experience. Thanks to Focal's proprietary technologies, the TNF tweeter and Slatefiber cone speaker driver, it provides sound spatialization for every listening session, providing an uncompromised sound experience. Made in France, Theva Surround features a delicate, elegantly detailed design. With a black finish, metal rings, magnetic grille and rear air outlet positioning, every detail has been carefully designed. It is a perfect match for Theva N°1, Theva N°2, Theva N°3, Theva N°3-D and Theva Center speakers and the SUB 600P subwoofer, allowing you to create an impressive Home Theater system.

Focal Theva Wall Mount Surround Speaker Technologies

Slatefiber Cone and Detailed Sound

Unique to Focal and made in France, the Slatefiber cone is created using recycled carbon fibers sandwiched between two layers of thermoplastic polymer. Aiming for perfection, our engineers have chosen to use all carbon fibers pointing in the same direction to achieve greater rigidity, better damping and lightness - the "core" features of a great speaker driver. Perfectly recreates a rich, dynamic and balanced sound. This special cone is included in many Focal products in our home, studio and automobile sound systems.

Exceptional Treble Sound with Tnf Tweeter

Manufactured by Focal in France, the Aluminum/Magnesium TNF tweeter delivers a clear and soft treble with its inverted dome design. The surround that connects the dome to its stand uses a memory foam material called Poron. This surround is directly derived from Utopia's renowned Beryllium tweeter, reducing distortion by one-third in the high sensitivity range of the ears, between 2000Hz and 3000Hz. This Focal tweeter guarantees an impressively stable soundstage.

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