KEF Blade One Meta High End Tower Speaker

Colour: Ice White / Champagne

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KEF Blade One Meta High End Tower Speaker

There is no prejudice. No restrictions.

Blade One Meta is the top model of Blade, the pinnacle of KEF engineering.

In 2009 we tasked our engineers to create a loudspeaker that would showcase KEF 's technology leadership and innovative powers without prejudice or restraint. In 2011, the Blade became the ultimate HiFi speakers for the most serious audiophiles.

KEF Blade One Meta High End Tower Speaker

A Unique KEF Experience

At the heart of Blade lies Single Visible Source technology; A unique technology that aims to achieve the acoustic ideal of a point source where low, medium and high frequencies are emitted from a point. That's what makes the Blade incredibly consistent with noticeably more precise imaging.

KEF Blade One Meta High End Tower Speaker

It's so pure. Very KEF.

The newest version of Blade takes advantage of our latest acoustic innovations: Metamaterial Absorption Technology (MAT™). MAT™ is a highly complex, labyrinth-like structure that absorbs 99% of unwanted sound coming from behind the driver, eliminating the resulting distortion and providing purer, more natural sound.

KEF Blade One Meta High End Tower Speaker

Sit wherever you want, hear every detail

The latest Uni-Q® driver array refined for the Blade and Reference Series is the 12th generation Uni-Q® with MAT™. Uni-Q® acts as a single point source to distribute sound more evenly throughout the room. The result is optimum audio performance over a larger area. This ensures that everyone sitting at different points in the room can experience and enjoy the same, natural, detailed sound.

Design built for performance

With the philosophy of innovation in pursuit of the most accurate and realistic sound, Blade aims to provide people with the ultimate listening experience.
Perfecting a groundbreaking concept for

KEF Blade One Meta High End Tower Speaker

Massive Power, Massive Control

The Blade's four bass drivers are mounted back-to-back to eliminate kinetic forces that would otherwise undesirably color the sound. The result is cleaner, purer sound and surprisingly low resonance.

KEF Blade One Meta High End Tower Speaker

Deep and High-Resolution Audio

Blade's four ventilated sub-frequency drivers,
It is perfectly integrated in the same cabinet along with the 12th generation Uni-Q® with MAT™ to provide a clean, seamlessly controlled bass experience. The crossover design in the new Blade has been well developed with fine tuning of the signal path for maximum clarity.

KEF Blade One Meta High End Tower Speaker

Separate Rooms for Pure Sound

In the blade, each pair of woofers is located in its own dedicated compartment. This approach drives
It also reduces the need for damping, which can degrade bass quality.

KEF Blade One Meta High End Tower Speaker

Made in Maidstone, England

KEF has been producing award-winning, outstanding loudspeakers since 1961 at its workshop in Maidstone, Kent, England. The flagship HiFi speakers, the Blade, are still designed and handcrafted in Maidstone today.

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