EPOS ADAPT 560 UC Wired & Bluetooth Headset

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EPOS ADAPT 560 UC Wired & Bluetooth Headset

The EPOS ADAPT 560 has 4 microphones with ANC and up to 46 hours of battery life. microphone Handle foldable wireless bluetooth headset.

EPOS | Get Active Get More with the Sennheiser ADAPT 560

Stay productive in open offices or on-the-go with a noise-cancelling headset that keeps you connected - the EPOS ADAPT 560. Make clearer calls with a discreet boom arm for perfect speech intelligibility and use ANC feature to focus in noisy environments. It enables high-quality business calls or focused work in a noisy open office. ADAPT 500 provides perfect speech clarity, comfort, and concentration for modern professionals. The foldable boom arm microphone of ADAPT 560 can be hidden by folding it into the headband when not in use.

Versatile Communication Anytime

Effortlessly switch between your devices via the EPOS ADAPT 560 Bluetooth headset, so you can enjoy simultaneous multipoint connectivity. You can connect to your computer with the BTD 800 USB dongle included in the package. In addition, thanks to the BTD 800 USB dongle, start Microsoft Teams instantly with the special button designed for Microsoft Teams.

Stay connected with your environment

EPOS Voice™ technology lets you interact without removing the headset. It has a battery life of up to 46 hours. This ensures reliable performance wherever and however you work. It's easily stored in a portable carrying case and the compact carrying case includes a USB dongle and USB-C cable. The BTD 800 Bluetooth Dongle is included in the package for perfect Bluetooth connectivity to laptops and desktops.


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