KEF LS Series Speakers

What is Active Speaker?

Active speakers are one of the biggest trends in the music world lately. It is often used in everyday life in homes and relatively small studios to hear music at the right volumes.

The biggest feature of active speakers is that they do not need an external power supply, as they have an internal amplifier. Although it contains an internal amplifier, its footprint is less than passive speakers. Active speakers with compact structure can be positioned in any corner of your home as there is no extra cable tangle. Active speakers work with a single power cable to deliver a studio-quality sound experience. KEF LSX II, LS50 Wireless II and LS60 models are active speakers of the KEF brand.

What is Passive Speaker?

If we define Passive Speakers in the simplest way; externally, it takes its power from the amplifier that you will connect from the outside. Passive speakers, which are connected to the amplifier, finally need an electrical source. After making these connections, passive speakers are ready to play music.

In Passive Speaker systems , the sound color also varies according to the character of the Amp, cable selection, Eq and Preamp selected. Passive Speakers are usually located in a wooden cabinet, unlike active speakers, they do not have a built-in amplifier. An absolute necessity in passive speakers is an amplifier. When it is decided to install a passive speaker system, first the speakers are selected and then an amplifier is selected to fully meet the power of the speakers. The most important difference between passive speakers and active speakers is that you can choose equipment such as Amp, Preamp, Eq and cable according to your wishes and freely determine the character of the sound!

The KEF LS50 META is exactly the passive speaker model you need at this point.

Shaping the Sound of the Future

Whether you're watching a TV show or a movie, playing a game or listening to music, the sound quality will enhance or degrade your experience. At KEF we believe that maximum enjoyment in entertainment will always come with the highest quality sound possible. We want to bring high-quality sound - the highest quality sound in its truest form - into the homes of anyone who cares.

With 60 years of acoustic expertise, our unique use of 'performance design' and our user-centric approach, KEF is perfectly positioned to do just that. The LS Wireless Collection is a range of all-in-one high - fidelity music systems developed to transform your entertainment experience by delivering the power of high-quality sound streamed from any source and connected to any home audio device. -fidelity is an all-in-one series of " high quality music systems " developed to perfect your entertainment experience by delivering the power of sound.

In pursuit of the perfect sound

What exactly is 'high-fidelity'? This is reproduction of sound with a high standard of clarity and detail – as simple as it sounds, it often isn't. KEF has always focused on providing you with a true-to-life Hi-Fi audio experience, and for over six decades we've led countless technological breakthroughs in the creation of state-of-the-art audio products.

Since the first 'LS' speaker was the legendary LS3/5a, designed from the 1970s to celebrate our 50th anniversary in collaboration with the BBC, KEF created the LS50 to bring the professional studio speaker into people's homes. To reflect changes in both time and technology, we introduced the LS50 Wireless, our first wireless speaker system that brings high-quality Hi-Fi sound into the digital age.

Play anything. Hear every detail.

Today we can listen to any music we love, wherever and on any device, and we expect to do so without complicated setups. The advanced W2 wireless platform combined with the MIE (Music Integrity Engine) used in the LS Wireless Series ensures that no matter how much you enjoy listening to music or watching movies, you can do so with the depth and realism of high-fidelity stereo sound quality.

The "Plug and Listen" Era in Hi-Fi

With the LS Wireless Collection, you can easily connect to TV, laptop, turntable and many other devices while experiencing high quality 'High-fidelity' sound quality.

And for those who want extra bass, there's also a dedicated output for connecting a KEF subwoofer.

music in every room

There's no good reason to limit the best music in your house to a single room. Bring KEF's high-quality Hi-Fi sound to any room in your home by connecting different models from the LS Wireless Collection. It's easy to fill the whole house with the same music with Airplay 2, Chromecast or Roon. Let everyone enjoy the same playlist.

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