Stand-Set for Klipsch The Fives

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Klipsch The Fives Speaker Stand

Award-winning acoustics, cutting-edge DSP, and separate left and right channels, as well as tuning, make The Fives a versatile speaker system that features removable magnetic grilles, multiple finishing options, and a subwoofer output. The Fives are the most versatile speakers in the world.

The Fives are easy-to-use, high-definition, powerful speakers that plug directly into your TV, enhancing the sound of almost everything. The Fives feature Klipsch Reference's award-winning patented horn-loaded acoustic technology. The built-in dynamic equalizer delivers powerful bass at every sound level. The Fives also feature 192kHz/24-bit decoding for seamless playback of Hi-Res Audio tracks.

The Fives are the first powerful monitors on the market to carry HDMI-ARC for direct connection to a TV for separate, high-resolution 2-channel sound. They include a phono preamp, Bluetooth® 5, HDMI-ARC, digital optical, analog RCA, and USB inputs, as well as a subwoofer output. Handcrafted with premium metal details and controls, as well as genuine wood finishes.

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