Sennheiser HD 660S2 Over-Ear High-End Headphones

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Definition of Legendary Sound Renewed. Dive into the Depths of Sound.


Designed for audiophiles and music enthusiasts seeking exceptional detail, the HD 660S2, an enhanced version of the legendary HD 660S, elevates the listening pleasure to be more pure, deeper, and more intense.

Delivering the desired depth to music lovers with its advanced bass density, the HD 660S2 was produced based on high-quality engineering and ear anatomy.

A silky and breathtaking musical journey

The warm sound character of the HD 660S2, combined perfectly with its smooth treble performance and unique vocal presence, allows any instrument's timbre to stand out in a natural and musical manner. Even the most discerning music enthusiasts can now notice the depth of low-frequency dense passages and the finest details of high-frequency dense passages in their music with high resolution, thanks to the HD 660S2.

While the HD660S2 is suitable for all types of music, the sound is now delivered to listeners with deeper, clearer bass, without compromising on the series' known high detail structure. The HD 660S2 is capable of producing hyper-realistic textures on every beat, with improved driver response speed, by reducing the weight of the driver coil.

Quality and functional design

Designed in Germany and manufactured at Sennheiser's state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Ireland, the HD 660S2 continues the series' emphasis on quality and functional design, using materials that contribute to the superior Hi-Fi experience.

Sennheiser HD 660S2 Specifications

  • Natural, warm sound and extra sub-bass
  • Extraordinary comfort and quality: The HD 660S2, which produces tones that won't irritate the ear, creates an endless comfort cycle by allowing air in and out of the ear with its open-back acoustic design.
  • 38mm high-performance transducers made in Ireland: The new 300 Ohm impedance special driver has a higher magnetic strength and better electrical damping ability, and now produces crystal clear sound.
  • Frequency response: 8 Hz - 41,500 Hz



  • HD 660S2 Headphones
  • 3mm cable (1.8m)
  • 4mm cable (1.8m)
  • 3mm 6.3mm to 3.5mm Converter Adapter
  • carrying case

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