Sennheiser HD 560S Reference High-End Headphones

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HD 560S is designed for audiophile sound enthusiasts with linear acoustics and smooth, satisfying bass performance tailored for long listening sessions.


  • Natural and distortion-free reference sound
  • Brand new drivers with high-strength magnets smoothly reproduce distinctive bass and bright highs
  • New polymer blended membrane drivers minimize distortion in sound
  • Angled drivers recreate the optimum listening position every time without the need for acoustic chambering
  • Open headphones facilitate the naturalness of sound waves
  • Fast , clear bass response and excellent details

Reveal the truth in your music

Today's audiophiles listen to their music in moderation on a wide variety of devices, from headphone amplifiers, audio interfaces, computers and more. The HD 560S delivers the linear performance required by analytical audio enthusiasts at a breakthrough value, allowing the listener to have an honest look inside their music.

Open earcups for open minds

The HD 560S features an open-back design that provides natural propagation of sound waves.                  (Ergonomic Acoustic Enhancement) Angled driver alignment gives you the optimum triangular listening position you can find in hi-fi speaker setups and high-end recording studios. This combination creates a wide, articulated sound field without the need for rooming, allowing you to hear all of your music, not just a limited part of it.

Sennheiser signature sound

The drivers of the HD 560S accurately transmit the entire frequency range of the spectrum and smoothly handle frequencies (especially between 20 and 50 Hz) that near-field monitors generally struggle to reproduce. The 120-ohm driver has been completely redesigned and features a special polymer blend on its membrane for linear sound transmission, providing incredible depth to sounds above 10 Hz. The driving magnet, sophisticated damping system, and efficient power management of the HD 560S provide a combination that reduces distortion while delivering deeper bass - a difference even the most discerning listeners can appreciate. Whether you're mastering a recording or plugging into a pre-amp, the HD 560S will be a reliable friend you can count on.

Comfort is king

Although the HD 560S sound is rooted in the reference-level DNA of the beloved HD 660S, its comfort mechanics are based on the chassis of our ultralight HD 599. The velour earpads of this headphone have been carefully designed to keep all contact points soft to the touch. In addition to its natural sound, the open, over-ear design offers other benefits - ventilated capsules remain cool without touching the user's ears.

It's all about connection

We developed the HD 560S to provide an exceptional experience regardless of the playback system, as audio enthusiasts often use various sources. The detachable   3-meter cable (9.8 feet) provides perfect freedom of access to your hardware, no matter what direction your setup faces. The 6.3 mm / ¼ inch plug allows you to connect to headphone amplifiers, audio interfaces, and most hi-fi sources, while the flexible Sennheiser HD 560S Reference High-End Headphones are designed for audiophile enthusiasts. High-end headphone prices are available at the Hifilife online store. Buy now!Sennheiser HD 560S Reference High-End Headphones are designed for audiophile enthusiasts. High-end headphone prices are available at the Hifilife online store. Buy now! / inch adapter allows you to make the most of your reference materials on portable digital audio players.

What's In The Box?

- HD 560S

- 3m cable with 6.3mm output

- 6.3mm to 3.5mm converter


internal resistance
120 Ω

Frequency range
6 Hz to 38 kHz (-10 dB)

sound level (SPL)
110 dB (1 kHz / 1 V RMS)

THD, total harmonic distortion
<0.05% (1 kHz / 90 dB SPL)

jack output
6.35mm with 3.5mm adapter

Converter principle
dynamic, open

Wireless weight

ear cushion material

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