Sennheiser CX Plus True Wireless In-Ear Bluetooth Headphones

Colour: Black

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Sennheiser CX Plus True Wireless In-Ear Bluetooth Headphones

CX Plus True Wireless

It's time to get the best headphones in their class that make listening enjoyable! With Active Noise Cancellation technology, it blocks out the noise around you, while the Transparent Hearing feature keeps you aware of what's happening in your immediate surroundings whenever you want. The new CX Plus True Wireless headphones have everything you're looking for. A perfect ergonomic design and intuitive controls for maximum comfort and ease of use; unique dynamic drivers for crystal-clear sound and up to 24 hours of playback time to enjoy deep bass are among the most important features you'll get with CX Plus True Wireless. Everything will be with you for a great sound experience all day long.

Get the Perfect Sound
Superior Sound Quality

At home, at work or anywhere in the city on the go… You will get Unique sound quality thanks to the TrueResponse drivers that speak for themselves.

Forget the Noise
The Active Noise Canceling feature, which allows you to focus only on the music and the conversation while getting lost in the music or making important phone calls, makes the CX Plus True Wireless unique. It's time to forget about the sounds and noise around you.

Be on the alert!

You are in control of the sound you hear! Thanks to the Transparent Hearing technology, you can focus on the external sounds in your close environment and keep in touch with your surroundings when you need to interact.

Get Maximum Comfort

Everything for Comfort

They are made for you! Thanks to its ergonomic design and 4 different ear tips that guarantee a perfect fit, you will have the comfort you have been looking for for a long time, even when using it all day.

Ease of Use

Music or phone calls, as well as voice assistant supports like Siri and Google Assistant, will be under your control. The touch controls, which can be changed according to your preferences, reduce everything to the touch of a finger. Stop the music with a single touch on the right capsule today, and assign the same gesture to answer the phone tomorrow. Everything can be customized through the app according to your wishes.

Keep Playing

Want to listen to music all day? CX Plus True Wireless , which offers 8 hours of use in earphones and 16 hours of use in its carrying case with a single charge, will offer never-ending music sessions.

Get Only the Best

Deep Bass

To activate the Bass Boost feature that can be adjusted via the Sennheiser Smart Control app, take the rhythm beyond hearing and raise it to the level of feeling.

In addition, you can adjust the unique world of music according to your own taste using the built-in equalizer feature through the Smart Control app.

Moreover, it can be used even when wet

Use whenever you want! Thanks to its IPX4 certified structure, the CX Plus True Wireless can be used even in the rain without fear of water. Think of a headset that never stops and will always be with you. That's the CX Plus True Wireless itself.

Smart Control App

Hear Only What You Want

Do you want to reduce the noise around you to zero or don't want to miss the close environment details you want to hear? Then you can fulfill both of your requests by controlling the Active Noise Canceling feature and the Transparent Hearing feature through the application.

Listen The Way You Want

You can change the sound character through the application according to your music listening habits and features, and you can achieve what you want thanks to the built-in equalizer . It's time to focus on your own DJ performance that you can carry in your pocket.

Time to Boost The Sound

With the preset sets offered by the Smart Control app, which highlight different listening features, you can calibrate your headphones to the best possible settings for music, movies, podcasts, and other content. With preset sets such as the podcast that emphasizes human voices, the film that highlights details in movies, and the Bass Boost that enhances bass in music, the power is in your hands.

Take Control

You can personalize the touch controls to change music, voice assistant, and call management according to your preferences. If you don't want to pause the music with a single touch on the left capsule, it will only take a few seconds to switch it to the right capsule through the app.

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