KEF Reference 3 Floorstanding Hi-Fi Speaker (Double)

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KEF Reference 3 Floorstanding Speaker

Mid-size Three-Way Floorstanding Loudspeaker

The Reference 3 floorstanding speaker has the extraordinary ability to create a surround sound scene that is detailed enough to put you right at the center of great performance, and captivating enough to stir your emotions.


KEF, an British speaker manufacturer founded in 1961, has been a proud pioneer of sonic excellence in its industry from day one. Born in Kent, England, with the abbreviation of Kent Engineering & Faundry, KEF has spread its quality to the whole world and has been continuing its activities under the GP Acoustics umbrella as a hi-fi audio product manufacturer since 2018.

KEF's latest Uni-Q driver array (featuring a 125mm/5-inch MF and HF) and two 165mm (6.5-inch) bass drivers positioned above and below the array deliver exceptional realism across mid and high frequencies. Everyone in the room can enjoy a rich, immersive soundstage that closely approaches reality. This design places them squarely at the heart of superior performance, transforming you into an audiophile experiencing music as if you were in a concert hall rather than at home.

The Reference series embodies KEF's "Integrated System Design" philosophy. Each component is optimized both within itself and as part of the whole, giving each driver unit the chance to showcase its ability at maximum efficiency. The result is a speaker that performs beyond what its individual parts suggest.

Designed in Maidstone, UK So KEF's Home

The Reference series was a bold move for KEF in 1973. The series broke new ground in terms of computer aided design and high performance. The Reference series is still today inspected and manufactured directly by KEF engineers in Maidstone, UK.

Designed To Be Only The Best

The Reference series is at the heart of KEF. It is the embodiment of decades of innovative technological research and KEF's expression of an absolute obsession with sound performance. Each Reference speaker is designed and produced from start to finish by a single KEF technician for harmony and flawless performance.

Dual Driver & Single Point Audio Distribution

The heart of the Reference series is the Uni-Q™ point source driver array. The state-of-the-art vented aluminum dome tweeter, located at the acoustic center of a highly sophisticated mid-frequency driver, creates a wider listening area and flawlessly distributes the most natural sound across this wide area.

Design with a Strong Foundation

Clean , rich and clearly felt bass is the foundation of great stereo and multi-channel sound . KEF's Reference Series bass driver features a massive vented magnet/magnet, a large aluminum voice coil and an extremely light and rigid alloy cone/cone. Sound volume and dynamics are also excellent, regardless of power consumption.

Even the smallest details are in the middle

The Shadow Flare reduces cabinet internal sound diffraction, allowing the Uni-Q to operate at its highest level of efficiency. Precisely engineered surfaces allow the sound wave effect of the Uni-Q to expand, enabling you to hear individual finger-picked guitar arpeggios and pick up on the subtle nuances of other percussive instruments, making sure that every detail shines through.

Computer Modeled Perfection

The Reference series handcrafted cabinets with double matched wood veneers feature a computer-optimized geometry to minimize secondary vibrations from the sides and Constrained Layer Damping to convert the remaining minor vibration into heat.

Even the smallest details are in the middle

KEF engineers use advanced software to model the ideal crossover. Each component used is selected based on the final measuring unit, the human ear. Perfection takes time, but when achieved, the results are clearly evident. To minimize vibration and noise, even the crossover feature in the Reference series has been separated from the cabinet.

Great Effort to Eliminate Noise

Flexible port technology is used to reduce port resonance. Each port can be adjusted to fit the room where users are located, allowing for optimal sound performance. The profile structure of each port is calculated using Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) to prevent turbulent airflow noise that can color the sound.

Push the limits…

For nearly 50 years, KEF engineers have pushed the boundaries of what is possible in acoustics with the Reference series. The groundbreaking first incarnation of the Reference series, and each subsequent new model, has been successful enough to contribute to the science of acoustics.

Standardized "Standards"

How does each new model of the Reference series maintain its "Success" status compared to many speakers it is compared to? A perfectly matched speaker is achieved through double pairing (1 pair of speakers) with 0.5dB tolerance for prototypes kept in the laboratory. These matching speakers always maintain their "Success" status through the continuous development of groundbreaking technologies and superior levels of craftsmanship.

Four Major Focal Points

The Reference series has four major acoustic purposes that form the basis of KEF's entire acoustic philosophy. If you want to understand our engineering and acoustic ideas in detail, please don't forget to take a look at the KEF Reference Technical Report written by our R&D team.

A Home Cinema Experience Without Borders

The Reference series produces exceptional dynamic sound and bass power while bringing music notes and film soundtracks to life, transforming your movie experience. The KEF Reference series is equipped to meet various needs, including THX Ultra certified architectural in-wall models.

A Glorious History

For more than 50 years, the Reference series has been recognized with awards from major sound authorities around the world. Praised for its realistic sound performance and the consistency maintained across all models of the series, this latest Reference series continues to impress experts.

Kent Engineering and Foundry Version

In 1961 Raymond Cooke founded KEF in a Nissen cottage formerly owned by Kent Engineering and Foundry. To celebrate this legacy we have created a very special edition of the Reference series. The Kent Engineering & Foundry edition combines the latest Reference technology in a new style that elegantly showcases KEF's rich pedigree.




3-Way Bass Reflex


Uni-Q Driver Array;

HF: 25MM Perforated Aluminum Dome

MF: 125mm Aluminum

Bass Unit: LF: 2x165mm Aluminum


Short port: 38Hz - 45kHz, Long port: 35Hz - 45kHz

FREQUENCY RANGE (Bass Response in Standard Room)



(±3dB): 43Hz - 35kHz

PRECISION (2.83V/1m)



350Hz, 2.8kHz


<0.5% 40Hz – 100kHz


50 - 300 W




8Ω (min. 3.2Ω)


51.3 kg


1115 x 205 x 470mm



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