New Focal Utopia 2022 Hi-Fi Headphones

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The new version of Focal's breakthrough Hi-Fi headphones presents : Utopia

First released in 2016, Focal's Utopia headphones are among the best headphones in the world. The ever-renewing French brand has an unparalleled mastery of acoustics, acoustic improvements to its iconic product. while adding a new design (new voice coil, 'M' shaped grilles inside the earcups...). Utopia All the exclusive, high-end technologies that have made these headphones so successful, adding more refinement and elegance to your home. comes to life in this new version that continues to bring sensational listening experiences.

A New Look, a New Design

The design of the New Utopia is a combination of moderation and difference. Focal's latest hi-fi open-back (Clear Mg) and closed-back (Stellia and Celestee) earphones, the honeycomb grille on both the outside and inside of the earcups creates a unique and eye-catching design. provides a view. In addition to the Black Chrome rings now fitted inside for a cleaner look, these earphones will be featured on Focal's future Utopia products. It also offers new design codes to be used. Among them, the "Yin & Yang" in the outer case is one of these high-end French headphones. as well as the difference between design and technology embodied under the black and red double-layer grille in the motor unit of the speaker drivers. symbolizes perfect balance.

Best Focal Technologies

Continuing to strive for excellence in its creations, Focal has opened a new chapter in the history of these iconic headphones. engineers chose a new voice coil made of copper to increase reliability and aluminum to make it lighter. This The alloy provides a renewed sound signature that delivers even greater neutrality, with powerful bass and softer treble. Moreover, the headphones The grilles inside now follow the contours of the speaker drivers for improved linearity and greater sensitivity. It is M shaped.

In addition to these innovations, the new Utopia earphones feature pure Beryllium full-range speaker drivers, an 'M' shaped dome and a stunning real It still contains everything that made the early releases so successful, like being completely open for listening. impartiality, dynamism and full of transparency. Focal-exclusive, patented speaker drivers operate from 5Hz to 50kHz without active or passive correction.

Premium Materials Dedicated to Sound and Comfort

Utopia is made from premium, sophisticated materials. The new yoke made from forged recycled carbon is an elegant touch, making the earphones lighter and more evenly distributing their weight. Genuine leather headband and perforated memory The foam earmuffs - again covered in leather - provide unparalleled comfort and softness. And finally, outstanding headphones, best-in-class deserves accessories: Utopia, black fabric thermoforming carrying case and two high quality cables (10ft and 10ft) for using the headphones It comes in special packaging with 5ft / 3m and 1.5m). with an amplifier at home or on the go with a portable music player available.

New Focal Utopia 2022 Hi-Fi Headphones


- High-end, open-back, high-quality headphones; for home use
- 'M' shaped, pure Beryllium speaker driver: pure, dynamic and perfectly balanced sound
- Hand made in Focal Workshops, France
- Universal design that adapts to all head shapes: optimum comfort
- Premium materials and sophisticated finishes:
genuine leather, forged, recycled carbon, aluminum etc

Focal Utopia 2022 Features

Utopia is the ultimate in Focal headphones. It's the brand's flagship product, combining the best of our technologies with assertive design to enhance your listening experience. The beryllium 'M' shaped speaker drivers are fully open-backed and operate in a very wide range from 5 Hz to 50 kHz! The listening experience they provide is strikingly real, sharp and dynamic, with a soundstage that is both wide and deep: close your eyes and feel the musicians beside you. Combining comfort and aesthetics, Utopia is a unique design and concept. offers a design concept. Forged, recycled carbon yokes provide greater lightness while being modern and sophisticated It has style. Utopia, Honeycomb Grille and Black Chrome ring, Yin & Yang on the outer casing, black and black on the speaker driver It includes subtle design details like the red double layer and more. The key element that makes Utopia Utopia: the perfect balance between technology and design!

New Focal Utopia 2022 Hi-Fi Headphones


New Focal Utopia 2022 Hi-Fi Headphones

British brand Naim, which merged with Focal as part of Vervent Audio Group, offers original audio solutions. Therefore, Uniti Atom Headphone Edition is the ultimate electronic device that lets you get the most out of Utopia headphones. All you have to do is connect the device to a WiFi network, then plug in the headphones and start listening to music in high definition! With Uniti Atom Headphone Edition, you are ready to access a multitude of integrated streaming services.

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