Bang & Olufsen Beosound Theater Dolby ATMOS 7.1.4 Soundbar - 4K/8K OLED TV

Beosound Theater

A soundbar that redefines the rules and quickens your heartbeat

 Beosound Theatre surrounds you with sound from all angles with four new patented technologies. It is designed to fit with any TV and guarantees durability for generations to come.

You can purchase Beosound Theatre on its own or combine it with 55", 65", or 77" LG TVs for a true cinema experience. You can also use it with TVs from different brands if you wish.

Bang & Olufsen Beosound Theater Dolby ATMOS 7.1.4 Soundbar - 4K/8K OLED TV

His wife was not seen. Until now.

Beosound Theatre; It brings together all the power, clarity and immersion of a multi-speaker setup in a single soundbar that can adapt to any TV. No black boxes, no cable tangles. Beosound Theater redefines the home theater experience.

Open Your Eyes. Pay Attention to Your Ears.

Powerful surround sound

Beosound Theater doesn't just deliver sound from the front. Twelve custom drivers direct sound to the top, bottom, and sides of your screen, creating a complete spatial experience that immerses you in the scene. The coaxial center channel provides clear dialogue sounds so you don't miss a word or even a whisper. Perfect sound integrity is now in your home.

Bang & Olufsen Beosound Theater Dolby ATMOS 7.1.4 Soundbar - 4K/8K OLED TV
Bang & Olufsen Beosound Theater Dolby ATMOS 7.1.4 Soundbar - 4K/8K OLED TV


Complete integration

No black boxes blocking the screen. No cables cluttering your space. There's simply a stunning home theater experience simplified from every angle.

Whether wall-mounted or floor-mounted, Beosound Theater integrates with any TV screen via elegant, adjustable sashes that create the perfect silhouette for any set.

Designed for your living space

Geoff is a good listener. In fact, he's so good at listening that it's his job. Creating a Bang & Olufsen product is a kind of creative alchemy process; A creative collaboration that transforms sound, design and craft elements from the sum of the parts into a greater whole. To make this magic happen, you need the most passionate experts. This is where Geoff comes in. Along with a team of engineers, he constantly tests the sound of new speakers and headphones during their design, using his keen ear to fine-tune every product he helps develop.

Bang & Olufsen Beosound Theater Dolby ATMOS 7.1.4 Soundbar - 4K/8K OLED TV


Easy to customize

Beosound Theater has been designed to blend seamlessly into your TV and room. Colors, materials, layout - everything adapts to your vision.


Choose one of the streaming services and connect

Even with the screen turned off, Beosound Theater can still continue to broadcast your favorite music. Beolink seamlessly connects with other speakers via Chromecast, Spotify Connect and Airplay, making it a hub for music in your home.

Bang & Olufsen Beosound Theater Dolby ATMOS 7.1.4 Soundbar - 4K/8K OLED TV
Bang & Olufsen Beosound Theater Dolby ATMOS 7.1.4 Soundbar - 4K/8K OLED TV


- Beosound Theater

- HDMI cable

- LAN cable

- Power cord

- Manual wall hanger

- Standard table top stand

- Decoration protection covers

- Installation guide

- Drilling template for hanging on the wall

- Microphone for Roomsense room calibration

- Tool-kit for removing protection covers


Recommended Room Size
15 - 60 m²
160 - 600 ft²

Speaker Configuration
12 speaker drivers
2 x 6.5" woofers custom made
1 x 5.25" midrange + 1 x 1"" Tweeter for custom coaxial center speaker
2 x 3" Midrange
4 x 2.5" full range
2 x 1" Tweeters

12 power amplifiers
2 x 100 watt amplifiers for bass outputs
10 x 60 watt amplifier for center channel, left/right/upfiring/side firing outputs

Frequency range
28Hz - 23,000Hz

Maximum Sound Pressure Level @1m
112dB SPL

Bass Ability
94dB SPL

Advanced Audio Features
Integrated 7.1.4 Dolby Atmos decoding and custom-tuned post-processing with proprietary True Image up/down blending algorithm
Dolby Digital TrueHD
Dolby Digital plus 7.1 (including DD5.1)
Dolby Atmos
Dolby MAT

Advanced Bass Management System
Adaptive Bass Linearization (ABL)
thermal protection

Customizable Audio EQ
5 customizable listening modes with the Bang & Olufsen App

Noto GmbH

Oak Wood, Aluminum, Polymer, Knitted Fabric

18 kg including soundbar, table or wall bracket

Motorized floor stand including LG G2 TV
55" 69kg
65" 73kg
77" 87kg

Motorized wall bracket including LG G2 TV
55" 62kg
65" 68kg

Desk stand including LG G2 TV
55" 49kg
65" 53kg
77" 66kg

Soundbar table stand 19.7 yx 15.7 dx 122.2 w cm
Soundbar wall bracket, close position 18.9 h x 15.8 dx 122.2 g cm

Motorized floor stand*
55" 118.9 yx 52.8 dx 122.2 g cm
65" 131.3 yx 52.8 dx 144.1 g cm
77" 147.4 yx 52.8 dx 171.2 g cm

Motorized wall bracket*
55" 95.9hx 19.2dx 122.2g cm
65" 108.3 hx 19.2 dx 144.1 g cm

Table stand (free standing/close to wall)*
55" 91.9 yx 35.9/26.5 dx 122.2 g cm
65" 104.3 yx 35.9/26.5 dx 144.1 g cm
77" 120.5 yx 35.9/26.5 dx 171.2 g cm

*TV screen height and width may vary depending on the TV model.

Layout options
table stand
wall bracket

Television screen including soundbar:
Motorized floor stand +/- 35° rotation
Motorized wall bracket with left or right hinges with 60° maximum opening (55" or 65" screen)
table stand

Power consumption
typical 120 watts

Power source
power cord

Bluetooth Version
5.1 (BLE and EDR)

Wireless Internet
Dual-band WLAN 2.4/5GHz
IEEE 802.11 b/g/a/n/ac

Streaming services
Apple AirPlay 2
Bluetooth audio streaming
Chromecast built-in
Spotify Link
Google Cast groups
BeoLink Multiroom

Integrated music services
Bang & Olufsen Radio

Inputs and Outputs
3 x HDMI inputs with CEC input
1 x HDMI eARC with 4K 120FPS / 8K 60FPS / 40Gbit passthrough

Ethernet switch with 4 x 1 Gbit ports
A dedicated port for connection to LG OLED TV for integrated control via Beoremote One and Bang & Olufsen App

1 x 3.5mm jack slider to mute microphone

Speaker outputs:
8 x Wireless Power Connections
8 x Power Connections

Remote control
Integrated system control including LG OLED TV:
Beoremote One BT
Bang & Olufsen App

Music streaming:
Beoremote Halo

Voice Assistant
Via external Google Assistant device

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