Bang & Olufsen BeoLab 19 High-End Wireless Subwoofer

Colour: Silver

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High-end wireless subwoofer that brings powerful bass and unique design to your living room.


Bang & Olufsen's technological breakthroughs never cease.



Adapted bass linearization loads maximum capacity from amplifier and driver unit, delivering big bass from small speakers. It expands the bass production of a speaker beyond the capacity it can normally produce.


Reach peak performance

Add extra depth and uncover new details in movies and music with this advanced subwoofer. Every technical detail has been considered, and the Beolab 19 is designed to capture even the most delicate nuances at the lowest frequencies.

True wireless sound

You can place Beolab anywhere you want. The subwoofer is equipped with innovative wireless WISA technology that provides unparalleled stability and precision levels to your home audio setup, seamlessly connecting to all WISA-compatible speakers and TVs without any interruptions.

surprising symmetry

While most other subwoofers are designed with frivolous aesthetics, the Beolab 19 brings its distinctive sculptural style into your home with its geometric form and solid aluminum exterior .

Acoustic Balance
Unlike traditional subwoofers, the Beolab 19 makes it incredible by balancing the vibrations of the two speakers' drivers to cancel each other out.




Recommended room size
15-60 m²
150-600 ft²

Speaker Configuration
2 x 8" woofers

2 x 160 Watt class D woofers

bass capability
98dB SPL

Advanced audio features
Acoustic Calibration
thermal protection
Adaptive bass linearization
Principle of Acoustic Balance

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