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One of the must-haves in luxury-class residences in recent times is home theater. Experiencing a cinematic atmosphere at home is now possible with TV sound systems, also known as soundbars.

In the first option, the landlords; they aim to experience the cinema atmosphere at home by enriching their halls with the home theater systems they have purchased. In the second option, they plan to invite movie theaters to their homes by customizing the room reserved exclusively for the movie experience.

In this guide prepared by Hifilife SoundLab experts; We will find the answer to how we can make the cinema corners inside our homes better.

When it comes to cinema, the first sound and image come to mind. However, when we move movie theaters to our homes, we should not forget about design and architecture. Sound, image and design are a whole and for a good cinema experience, it is useful to focus on these 3 features meticulously.

What Should a Good Home Theater Experience Be Like?

Cinema rooms, which are specially designed for home life, are frequently visited by family members at home because of their easy adaptation to daily life. Since an area that is frequently visited will not be idle, it will be a special location for us that has been used for many years, develops as it is used and accumulates memories in it.

When we apply the designs of movie theaters in shopping centers to our homes, it is highly likely that these areas will not be frequently used living spaces. When determining the design of the movie theaters we will build in our homes, our first priority should be to create a home-like space. The small decorative movements to be made after creating this area are left to the personal tastes of us homeowners. Paintings, vases, trinkets, various antique ornaments are examples of small touches.

Is Professional Cinema Possible at Home?

Soundbars developed by leading brands of cinema systems such as Bang & Olufsen, Klipsch, Kef and Sennheiser for home theater are as powerful as professional movie theaters thanks to the technologies and equipment they contain.

Even though we don't want to accept the designs of the cinemas in shopping malls in our homes, the sound power and acoustic performance there is very attractive and fascinating for all of us. Imagine that these cinemas are in your home, where you can enter the session you want, there is no waiting line, you do not wait in line for popcorn, it is yours alone, a space that reflects you.

Now, if you wish, let's take a closer look at home theaters adorned with premium home theater systems by going through the visuals.

Frequently Asked Questions About Soundbars

If you want to know more about soundbars and experience the cinema at home, you can review the soundbar buying guide prepared by the Hifilife SounbLab team.


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Sophisticated Universe

The latest example of Bang & Olufsen's timeless design approach that takes us on a journey into the future with the taste of Back to the Future : Bang & Olufsen Beosound Theatre.

Breaking new ground in the sector with its design, Beosound Theater took the stage in a hall worthy of its design. In the hall; A stylish 3-seat armchair, which draws attention with its waffle pattern embroidered on cotton linen fabric, was preferred.

Recently, cotton linen sofas are frequently encountered in luxury waiting rooms. In addition, the waffle dial in the Royal Oak model, designed in 1971 by Gerald Genta , considered the Leonargo da Vinci of the Swiss luxury watch manufacturer Audemars Piguet , also found a place for itself in this sofa pattern, which symbolizes luxury.

The modern anthracite glass coffee table right in front of the armchair; It reflects the light in a pleasing way by increasing the depth effect in the environment.

In the second photo, a TV stand is added to the living room and a plexiglass monolithic unit is preferred here.

One of the biggest trends of 2022, the perception of quality was continued with the console with a hidden cover and slats. The double reading lamp creates a dim effect in the environment and gives point light to the area where it is located.

Beige rustic curtains and parquets made of real wood show us that this living room has Scandinavian design touches.

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Modern world

Sennheiser's most powerful flagship model Ambeo MAX Soundbar is preferred in this hall; It is designed with simple and modern lines.

The 2-drawer TV unit, on which Ambeo MAX stands, is a design model that is referenced in the high-end TV console category of the last period with its lath pattern and 2-button type handles.

In this hall, where the industrial design approach and modern lines are closely related, it is aimed to increase the viewing pleasure with the reclining leather seats. The plain wooden coffee table with metal legs and the blue transitional carpet that adds color to the environment provided dynamism. The pendant lamp, on the other hand, strengthened the integrity by continuing the black and white understanding in the environment.

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Industrial Touch

In the adjacent concept, an excellent home theater system created from KEF's award-winning Q series was chosen. The magnificent harmony of black and gray colors in KEF's Q series coincides with the general color palette of the designed area, and this harmonious atmosphere also affects the viewing pleasure in a fascinating way.

In this concept, in which the industrial design approach is adopted, a friendly atmosphere has been achieved with the L-shaped armchair used, and the environment has been enriched with decorative vase elements. The center table used was evaluated with the epoxy table, which is one of the trends of 2022. The rustic chandelier with gold details appearing on the ceiling stands out as a nice detail that adds movement to this environment consisting of black and gray colors.

Scandinavian Simplicity

BeoVision Harmony 8K OLED TV from Bang & Olufsen was used in this concept, which carries traces of minimalist architecture aiming at simplicity. In this house, where a bright air is tried to be achieved with white wooden parquets, walls, curtains, window slats and armchairs; The movie theater is designed to be very close to daily life.

The clearest movement to the environment is Bang & Olufsen's Bang & Olufsen BeoLab 50 and Bang & Olufsen BeoLab 18 Wireless Active Speakers with gold and black details, while BeoVision Harmony 8K OLED TV's chosen light oak wood color is on the center table.
contains a whole. We loved this minimalist concept, which is in harmony with its spacious look and Bang & Olufsen's home theater system solutions.

Do not hesitate to use your handmade works kneaded with your own sense of art in the cinema room you will create. It can be a painting, a pot you uncovered during your Cappadocia trip, or a macrame you knit with your hands. Remember, this is your movie theater.

In the Middle of the Rustic Dream

Klipsch's 6000F series home theater system is used in this home theater where a rustic design approach is preferred. The first detail that catches the eye is Klipsch's tower-type 6000F reference passive speakers, which draw attention with their powerful appearance, while the tile, antique stone wall and metal frame behind the speakers symbolize the power of sound.

The chester type leather armchair, which symbolizes the nobility known to emerge with the motto of not getting wrinkled and wrinkled when the British nobles sat on it in the 1700s, added splendor to the atmosphere of the house. While thick rustic background curtains were used to increase the darkness level of the environment, the window on the TV was left open so that the audience would not miss the perception of time. While maintaining the rustic atmosphere with the wooden details behind the TV, the plants in the environment appear as the symbol of experience.

You can purchase the home theater systems of KEF, Bang&Olufsen and Klipsch, the shining stars of home theaters, from Hifilife.com, or visit our Hifilife Experience Stores in Kanyon and Akasya shopping malls for detailed information.

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