AMBEO Soundbar

The most impressive sound in the world.

Tested in the wild

Sound has the power to reconnect with our most basic instincts. In the animal kingdom, sound stimulates one of the most important sensory systems. It provided the ideal setting for this experiment to test the uniquely immersive sound of AMBEO Soundbars, featuring the most neutral subjects imaginable: unpredictable, wild animals. Watch our documentary and discover how animals react when they encounter unexpected sounds from other animals.

AMBEO Soundbar|Plus

The most impressive sound in the world.

- Superior immersive sound

- 9 x Class D amplifiers

- Powerful and adaptable sound features

- Multiple connection options

AMBEO Soundbar|Max

Hear about the future of home cinema.

-Superior expressive sound

- 13 pcs Class amplifiers

- Bluetooth version 4.2

- Multiple connection options


Bass reinvented.

-AMBEO virtualization technology

- 8” high-end proprietary woofer

- Automatic calibration

- Multiple connection options

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