Experience the Perfect Cinema at Your Home

Your TV's built-in speakers may be sufficient for daily use. But if you're looking for an immersive cinema-like audio experience, you need a home theater system. At this point, the first point you need to decide is whether you want a surround home theater system or a soundbar.

Home theater systems usually consist of multiple speakers and give you a surround sound experience. This allows you to hear soundtracks and dialogue clearly as they were meant to be heard. The most common surround setup is a 5.1 setup, which consists of two front speakers, two rear speakers, a center channel speaker, and a subwoofer for bass. With these systems, the sound travels throughout your room, resulting in a big, impactful sound like in a real cinema experience. You can also install systems with more than 5.1 speakers, this way you will take your home theater experience to the next level.

Soundbars are the second choice when it comes to home theater. Soundbars, which are much more compact than surround systems, offer very good performance for their size. Many have advanced features like Dolby Atmos and Wi-Fi streaming, and some models can even be paired with a separate subwoofer and rear speakers.

Whichever way you choose, the result is the same. Whether you prefer a soundbar or a 13-speaker surround system, a home theater system will enrich everything you watch, from TV shows to movies, from news bulletins to sports.

KEF Q Series

A skilled sound engineer can take you to the royal balcony of the Vienna opera house, the engine room of a sinking ship, or a rainforest. Everyone deserves to experience such a great sound. That's why KEF's Q Series is inspired by the legendary Reference and Blade speakers, bringing the latest in acoustic technology to a wider audience. Q Series speakers deliver true perfection in surround home theater, letting you feel the detail and depth in whatever you choose to watch.


As with all KEF speakers, Uni-Q is at the heart of the design in the Q series. In conventional speakers, the mid and high frequencies emanating from different points interact with each other. Uni-Q places the tweeter in the acoustic center of the bass/midrange cone and distributes different frequencies from a single source. This ensures that the sound is evenly distributed throughout the room, giving you a more natural and cleaner sound.

Sound as it should be heard

Center channel speakers are essential to deliver authentic cinematic experiences that truly reflect what film directors want their audiences to experience. Q series center speakers are designed to do exactly that. With these speakers you can hear the subtle nuances and character that define the emotional range of the human voice in its purest form.

A black and white rhapsody

KEF is looking for timelessness in its designs as it knows that you will use its products for years to come. Q series speakers are designed with a seamless and stylish design approach with no visible fittings. With its fine satin finish in black and white, it adapts to your home decor and design trends that have changed over the years.

When it comes to home theater system, you can set up many different systems with Q series speakers. You can choose the Q550 or Q750 as the front left and right speakers, and the Q350 for the rear channel speakers to complement your surround system. You can use the Q650C as the center speaker, which is an integral part of your home theater system, so you can hear the dialogues clearly and unequivocally. The Q speakers that you can pair with the Kube series subwoofers certainly allow for an impressive home theater experience.

Bang & Olufsen Home Cinema Systems

With a century of experience in home theater audio, Bang & Olufsen brings you not only an array of speakers and a TV, but also an excellent HiFi experience. All Bang & Olufsen speakers work together to create an incredible sound experience that can adapt to your lifestyle. Whether you're watching a movie on your couch, watching the news at your dinner table, or just listening to music, you can always get the best performance from Bang & Olufsen home theater systems.

Sound that gives you the feeling of “being there”

The home theater experience begins with authentic and powerful sound that takes you to a stadium with thousands of fans or behind the wheel of an action movie. When you hear the right sound with Bang & Olufsen, you will have the experience as if you were there.

Freedom to expand your system over time

Bang & Olufsen Beolab speakers allow you to expand your system over time so you can enjoy HiFi sound quality for many years to come. Rest assured, from day one, you'll have an excellent sound experience both watching movies and listening to music.

Choose the look that fits your home

Bang & Olufsen lets you customize your speakers and TVs by choosing the colors and materials you prefer. You can also integrate all home theater products into your smart home control system for a great experience.

Decorate your living spaces with sound

Bang & Olufsen home theater products are built to provide years of unmatched performance. This requires creating permanent designs that retain their visual appeal despite changing interior architecture and design trends. Bang & Olufsen will always adapt to your home with its unique and timeless designs.

Another option for the Bang & Olufsen home theater experience is the Beosoun Stage soundbar. You can take your TV experience to a different level with Beosound Stage, which offers a sound experience as good as its design. Beosound Stage is powerful enough to eliminate the need for a separate subwoofer, yet completely transforms your movie viewing experience with a combination of cutting-edge sound technology and flawless design.

Featuring a superior center channel for dialogs, Beosound Stage contains eleven drivers and four woofers, each with its own amplifier. It helps you create a true cinematic experience with Dolby Atmos feature that allows sound to move around you. The result is an extremely deep and rich sound experience. Plus, Beosound Stage works with any television that supports HDMI ARC, making it the easiest way to bring Bang & Olufsen sound into your living rooms.

Sennheiser AMBEO Dolby ATMOS Soundbar

If you're expecting Dolby Atmos performance from a soundbar, another speaker to choose from is the Sennheiser AMBEO. Offering a similar experience to surround home theater systems, AMBEO can produce more realistic highs and lows, more size, and finer details than you can imagine. With a built-in equalizer and three exclusive modes of AMBEO 3D technology that you can adjust the output to your own taste, it's a perfect match to your listening preferences.

Feel the Sound

Five studio-quality custom tweeters, six bass drivers, and mids designed with breathtaking precision for vocals… AMBEO offers a 5.1.4 sound experience with 13 high-end drivers and adds a great sense of depth to the sound without the need for an additional subwoofer.

Simple and stylish design

AMBEO's stylish design is in perfect harmony with the impressive sound experience it offers. In addition to its minimalist details, it combines design and performance with its stylish black aluminum exterior.

A 3D Cinema Experience

Thanks to its room calibration technology, AMBEO adapts to the characteristics of your room, giving you a unique 3D sound experience. It determines the placement of your furniture, the shape of your room and the characteristics of the reflective surfaces and adapts to the acoustics of the room, giving you the perfect home theater experience.