Easily Connectable


No wires, no mess. Quickly and easily connect speakers via WiFi. Enjoy the music in every room. All the experience in the palm of your hand. Play the music you want with one click, wherever you want, however you want.


Easy-to-connect speakers

Add the Bang & Olufsen difference to other speakers in the house, adding more over time. Compatible with any speaker that supports Chromecast™ or AirPlay 2.

Connect seamlessly via WiFi and enjoy music with your favorite devices.

Connect as you wish

Choose your preferred method to connect via WiFi. Connect easily with Chromecast™ or Apple AirPlay 2.

Listen as you want

Use your favorite music source and listen to what you want with Bang & Olufsen's interconnectable speakers.


Stunning stereo sound is with you wirelessly.

A new dimension of music is now just a click away. With Stereo Pairing, you can wirelessly connect two of the same smart speakers together for more detail and depth of the scene than ever before.

Choose one of the sets and start listening

Choose one of the sets and start listening. Fill your home with music. Smart speakers work together for a better music experience. Take control of the music with two- and three-piece sets. Stereo Sets let you enjoy rich, vibrant sound in any room with the music source you want. Are you ready to enjoy the music? Explore speaker sets to experience.


A pair of Beolab 28 speaker sets can be part of your Smart Speakers setup. Take your musical taste to another dimension.

Durable and timeless design

The iconic interconnectable speakers were designed by Bang & Olufsen using the highest quality materials and superior craftsmanship. Our designs defy time in terms of both functionality and form.

Bang & Olufsen App: Advanced Control

Developed specifically for B&O products, the app is the simplest way to configure, control and enjoy the Bang & Olufsen audio experience.

Bang & Olufsen Acacia

Akasya Mall, 1st Floor, Çeçen Sok. No:361, 34660, Acıbadem/Istanbul

Phone: 0538 013 0259

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Bang & Olufsen Canyon

Canyon Mall, -2. Floor, Büyükdere Cad., No: 18F, 34394, Sisli/Istanbul

Phone: 0531 080 8045

e-mail: info@hifilife.com

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