The Sennheiser brand, a German company, was founded in 1945 by Fritz Sennheiser. It took its first steps as a startup that we call "Start-up" today. Since 2013, Daniel Sennheiser and Andreas Sennheiser have been co-CEOs of the company and are the third generation of the Sennheiser family to run the company.

Fritz Sennheiser starts with work on the production of measuring instruments and microphones. In order to meet the intense demand in the market, he discovers the rapidly growing business opportunity by using the knowledge and skills he gained in his scientific career, and this is only a small step in the story of following innovation and new ideas.

In 1946, Sennheiser developed its own microphone, and the first shotgun microphone, the MD 82, began to be used for sound recording for film sets and TV studios. In 1960, Sennheiser introduced the MD 421 dynamic microphone, and this product is still in production and sales today.

In 1968, Sennheiser is launching the HD 414, the world's first best-selling open earphone model of all time, and today the spare cable and ear pads for this earphone are in stock for Sennheiser open earphones.

Developing Noiseguard, an ANC (Active Noise Cancellation) system developed for pilots in 1987, Sennheiser succeeds in standing out among active noise canceling earphone models by outperforming its competitors in technology, and by further developing this technology, it begins to follow the steps towards globalization.

prof. Dr. With Fritz Sennheiser handing over the management of the company to his son, his first sales partnership is with Sennheiser France. From this point on, the company slowly begins to move towards becoming an international brand. Currently, Sennheiser has 2 affiliates worldwide.

Launched in 1988, the HD25 headphones were originally designed as flight headphones for pilots to use. Because it performs extremely well in noisy environments, the HD25 is later used as DJ headphones and is remembered as Sennheiser DJ headphones. Today, HD 25 wired headphones are the number one headset for videographers and DJs alike.

Sennheiser, which has been directing the hi-fi headphone experience from this point on, offers audiophile quality sound with its HD 800 on-ear headphone series. The new technology developed, on the other hand, is used to fix the drivers to metal cases and damping technology in order to minimize the resonance. Thanks to this technology, frequency masking is eliminated and Hi-Fi sound experience is offered to the user.

In 1993; It wins the Sennheiser Emmy Award for its pioneering work in RF Wireless technology and proves its unrivaled position in technology to other brands.

Sennheiser Wireless Bluetooth Headphones Models

In 2012, the first steps of the Momentum line of headphones appear, and many wireless bluetooth headphones and wired headphones are launched. With the success of the Sennheiser Momentum series, we come across the True Wireless 3 in-ear Bluetooth headphones, the Momentum 4 Wireless on-ear headphones and the Momentum Wireless ANC on-ear Bluetooth headphones.

Momentum True Wireless 3 in-ear headphones stand out with their active noise canceling feature. At the same time, you can listen in one ear with these in-ears, you can continue to listen to music with the other earphone when you remove one of the two in-ear headphones. Momentum True Wireless 3 offers much tighter and stronger bass, providing a quality sound experience. It offers a compact and minimalist cabin concept with black, white and graphite color options. It differs from other headphones in terms of design with the fabric detail in its box.

We can call the Sennheiser Momentum 4 Wireless Wireless On-Ear Headphones an improved version of the Momentum 3. One of the most prominent features of the Momentum 4 is its battery life of up to sixty hours. With Momentum 4, which offers a deep and intense bass experience, you can enjoy today's popular trending songs, Hip/Hop and electronic music.

Momentum 3 Wireless on-ear wireless headphones stand out with their ANC feature (active noise canceling) and offer a flawless sound experience. You can hear the bass sounds strongly with this noise canceling earphone model, which is suitable for daily use.

When we come to 2019, Sennheiser introduces us to a new technology and launches the Sennheiser AMBEO Soundbar, which provides a spatial sound system experience in 5.1.4 format. With this technology, Sennheiser offers a unique sound experience for realistic concert broadcasts, sports broadcasts, 3D recordings and VR applications. With Sennheiser AMBEO Soundbars with Dolby Atmos feature, you can create your own cinema system at home. Turning your living room into a movie theater is much easier with AMBEO Soundbar!

Sennheiser is a German brand that develops and improves its sound quality day by day with its high technological know-how. With years of R&D studies and investments, it has become the number one brand of music lovers. At this point, it has a high brand value in the music world.

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