With the development of digital music services such as Spotify, Tidal, Apple Music, YouTube Music, SoundCloud, Deezer, users' contact with music has increased even more. Headphones are one of the most basic tools for us to listen to the sounds from these music services. Headphones
we use it in every moment of our lives at home, outside, on the road, in our business meetings and in lessons. Sometimes we keep earphone models with us to listen to music and sometimes to make calls. When choosing a headset, each user's priority is different, some users focus only on the sound itself, some care about microphone quality and some care about the material quality of the headphones. In order to meet all these demands, experience areas are a very important issue.

Today, the experience of on-ear headphones and especially in-ear headphones is quite difficult in techno markets. The fact that the in-ear headphones are not opened for display and the on-ear headphones that are opened are also connected to the alarm system, preventing the experience of the desired comfort headphones. In addition, they cannot be used due to the fact that the charge of the headphones is often exhausted. In addition to all these, the fact that many guests, from 7 to 70, who come to buy a different product in techno markets or just spend time in the store, cause the headphones on display to wear out, preventing customers who come to buy headphones and want to experience the products from fulfilling this request. These wear patterns can be seen in the form of tearing, loss of the pads of the earphones, loss of the cables, crushing of the earphones, deterioration of the charging components, deterioration of the internal parts, damage to the drivers. Headphone models with such damage also prevent customers from trying to experience the product they came to buy, as they cannot see the product as on the first day.

In addition to the wear of the earphones, it is almost impossible to pay attention to the hygiene conditions in the earphones that thousands of people come into contact with, so the customers with the potential to buy and buy cannot experience the earphones in a way that they are comfortable with. Finding the headset you want to experience in technology markets is not enough alone, it will not be easy to find a staff member who will convey the features of this headset to you and inform you whether it will meet your expectations. In fact, sometimes brand-specific personnel will direct you to purchase only the brand in their area of ​​expertise.

What should the right headphone experience be like?

From the moment you enter the Hifilife Akasya or Hifilife Kanyon experience stores, you realize at that moment that the store is designed for listening to music. The walls, on which soundproofing panels are placed, dampen the noise and unwanted sounds in the shopping mall, while providing you, our guests, an environment in the silence of the library. In-ear bluetooth earphones, over-ear bluetooth earphones are cleaned and charged regularly, so you can have peace of mind about hygiene and listen to your favorite music lists in Hifilife Experience Stores by connecting your personal phone to the earphones.

Moreover, when the headphones are clean as on the first day, they do not have an alarm, so you can comfortably experience the headphones freely. You can choose your headphones by experiencing audiophile headphones with Naim and Astell&Kern amplifiers, which you could not experience in any technology market before. While you are doing this experience, Hifilife's expert team is ready to answer all your questions and questions. You can experience the headphone models of Bang & Olufsen, Sennheiser and Focal brands free of charge at Hifilife Experience Stores.

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