The World's Indispensable Speaker Audioengine A5+

The World's Indispensable Speaker Audioengine A5+

Audioengine is a world-renowned 15-year-old American company. It is a company that has come up with a product that has taken a conventional speaker and decorated it from head to toe with its own engineering and raised the bar in terms of both price and quality. Here I must say that they appeal to both the standard user and the intermediate high level listener.

People's habits change over the years. Namely; They gradually gave up on systems that were cumbersome, heavy and only looked clean on the first day they were installed, which they had difficulty even in getting dust in. With the developing technology, many sectors have also been facilitated. The most important of these is the fact of doing more work with less effort. So what is this; Think about it exactly like this, we know the cd changers in the old generation systems, right? I can hear you saying yes. How easy do you think it was to use? I don't think so! Clean the tray, then insert the CDs one by one, etc. This list continues. Now, even reading all the steps here, how boring does it sound?

As a matter of fact, even though companies are aware of this issue, they must have expected all other sectors to grow at the same rate, so we got smart systems too late.

What does the world's indispensable speaker have to do with the Audioengine A5+?

Now, we have really said the Audioengine A5+, the speaker that the whole world does not give up, but the back of this issue is fuller than you expect! Over the years - let me tell you - I have used very poor quality systems. 2.1, 5.1, home theater setups go a long way as cheap computer speakers. You expect that the main purpose is to listen to music and enjoy the music, but you are wrong. As you can see, it is the place to say that I have enjoyed the mediocre quality. The thing that causes confusion is that you think that he is the right choice, and it pushes you wrong, and making a move without researching, asking and investigating has always pushed me back. Until I listen to music from an old-style but quality installation in the family... I don't know how to say it, but it wasn't the sound I heard, it was like a plea, it was like a shout, it was like the voice of an artist giving a concert for the first time. Of course, the artist I listened to made me feel this. Just imagine, the artist you miss/admire stands before you, you even feel his breath, that's exactly it...

The Main Purpose is to Live the Music

Audioengine is an interesting company. It is also an important advantage to offer such a successful and high quality speaker at the same price as the European price and the Turkish price. An A/B class amplifier circuit, around 5' driver, silk dome tweeter with a unique castor texture. In character, it's neither too pointed nor too passive, and it's self-sufficient for almost any room use, not even needing a subwoofer. The stage is in place as it should be, and you don't get lost in details, so there are musical tones, not analytical, in this speaker.

Audioengine A5+ Active Bluetooth Speaker

The product deserves a huge title in every aspect. There are various colors, whether bamboo or black, or if you want a simpler look, white, it's entirely up to your own preference. It is possible to get slightly warmer tones when you choose bamboo, but if you listen in detail, of course. What we said, there are 3 colors among them, the price also differs, but it can be ignored for a speaker of this level and additional benefits. Another point I would like to mention is that it should be purchased together with the desktop stand... The stand named 'DS2' literally separates the speaker from the floor. This provides you with a more acoustically balanced sound and, positively, the separation of the basses.

Our decision

We have talked about many details since the beginning of the article, but of course, these are all my interpretations. If you have the opportunity, I would like you to test this speaker. Even go with your own playlist to see what an open-ended speaker. It doesn't matter if you connect a source with RCA or analog jack. I believe that you should attach great importance to the source you linked, which is how the industry thinks.

You can connect a subwoofer and a bluetooth adapter from the output, but the only drawback is that there is no low cut switch. If you say what is this "low cut switch", we can explain it like this; When you connect any subwoofer, the speaker sends frequencies of 100 Hz and below to the subwoofer, and the subwoofer can take all the bass frequencies on its own with a more spacious playback. If you say you do not want to connect a Bluetooth receiver, I would say you should choose the Audioengine A5+ Wireless model because as the name suggests, it is possible to transfer music with the bluetooth feature.

Yes, dear readers, in this article, I have told you how a good price/performance product the Audioengine A5+ Active Speaker is, and the sound quality and the details it offers. I wish you a pleasant read and take care of yourself. I wish you well and see you in our next article...

Hifilife Review Team

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