Sound Systems to Be Used with LG's $237,000 118-inch Television Model

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LG, originally known as the Lucky Goldstar brand, is an electronics company based in South Korea and offers a wide range of home electronics products and solutions around the world. LG is also very competitive in the TV industry and offers consumers a variety of options with many different models and technologies. Along with different display technologies such as OLED, QLED, NanoCell and standard LED TVs, LG has also developed webOS, its smart TV platform. Today, webOS smart TV operating system is a successful TV operating system used by many different brands around the world.

What is the LG Magnit Micro LED Television Series?

In recent years, the Magnit TV series introduced by LG is particularly noteworthy. Magnit TVs are developed with micro LED display technology. Micro LED is a display technology that uses tiny LEDs, each illuminated independently. This results in deeper blacks, bright whites and generally a much higher contrast ratio. It is also very effective in terms of energy efficiency.

Magnit TVs attract attention especially with their large screen sizes and high resolutions. Additionally, these TVs often feature features like improved color accuracy, high refresh rates, and low latency. Therefore, these TVs can be quite suitable not only for daily TV viewing needs, but also for gaming or professional visual needs. High refresh rates (Hz) allow us to have a much more enjoyable and professional gaming experience in games. High refresh rates are of great importance, especially in FPS (First-person shooter) games. It allows us to see the opponent more clearly, distinctly and before him and get a score. At the same time, the high refresh rate provides a smooth image that prevents problems experienced at low Hz such as nausea and dizziness.

Magnit TVs, which come with high price tags, are LG's TV series in the luxury segment. LG Magnit TV models are generally ideal for workplaces, luxury residences or users who want a very high quality home theater system. Micro LED technology, which is currently used in high-priced Magnit TVs, can be integrated into more affordable models in the future, just like other display technologies.

LG's Magnit series is a testament to how far the South Korean company has come in TV and display technologies, and such products are leading the way in setting the standards for home entertainment and professional display solutions in the future.

What are the Features of the $237,000 118-inch LG Magnit TV?

LG continues to expand its Magnit TV family and recently announced a 118-inch model at CEDIA Expo 2023. This huge TV has a sticker price of $237,000. However, despite this price tag, it is not LG's most expensive TV. Compared to LG's more expensive and larger screen models, this new model stands out in terms of price and performance balance and offers a wide range of uses. While it can be used as a home cinema, it can also be used for many functions such as product and service display in workplaces and promotional screens at hotel receptions.

LG's new 118-inch Magnit TV model has remarkable features such as 0.6 mm pixel pitch, 4K resolution, Chip-On-Board (COB) LED technology and artificial intelligence-enhanced image processing. However, the biggest feature of this model is its three-meter diagonal size and the fact that it features LG's advanced DVLED (Direct View Light Emitting Diode) technology. 120Hz refresh rate and webOS smart TV operating system are other features that make this TV attractive.

In addition, thanks to the TV's HDR10 and HDR10 Pro compatibility, Alpha 9 processor and artificial intelligence and deep learning technology, image noise is minimized while color saturation and contrast are optimized according to room conditions. As for sound, integrated 50-watt speakers come as standard.

Considering its price and size, LG's new 118-inch Magnit TV model could be a very attractive option for those looking for a high-quality home theater experience, especially when combined with high-quality sound systems from the likes of Bang & Olufsen.

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The Best Sound Systems to Use with LG 118-inch Magnit Television

While LG Magnit Television models offer a good viewing experience with sharp and rich colors, you can get a real cinema experience by using this television series with the best sound systems.

Danish audio manufacturer Bang & Olufsen's Beolab 28, Beolab 50, Beolab 90 active tower speaker models can work in perfect harmony with this Magnit TV series from LG. Beolab 90 in particular stands out with its 8200 watts of power and offers an ideal sound experience for a TV model with such a huge screen. Beolab 28 is another option that is suitable for more compact spaces but still provides high quality sound output.

Bang & Olufsen Beolab 28 Active Tower Speaker

With a tight and elegant design, Beolab 28 Active Speaker delivers high frequency and low frequency sounds in a balanced manner. Bang & Olufsen Beolab 28 active tower speaker is equipped with wireless connectivity features and built-in smart features. It also comes with a speaker array that can provide 360-degree sound distribution and a high-quality bass unit. Thanks to the design of the speakers, this model can deliver impressive sound performance in both small and large spaces.

Bang & Olufsen Beolab 50 Active Tower Speaker

Beolab 50 is an active tower speaker that combines luxury and high performance. This model is specifically designed for deep bass and crystal clear high frequencies. The Bang & Olufsen Beolab 50 active tower speaker is also equipped with a tweeter, three mid-range speakers and three woofers. Customizable acoustic lens technology can adjust the sound according to the room. With a total power of up to 2100 watts, these speakers deliver true cinema-quality sound.

Bang & Olufsen Beolab 90 Active Tower Speaker

Beolab 90 is Bang & Olufsen's flagship speaker model. This model, which has a power of 8200 watts, offers an incredible sound experience. Bang & Olufsen Beolab 90 High-End Active Tower Speaker has high-end features such as omnidirectional speaker array, active room scanning and 360-degree sound scattering. These are used to optimize sound in all types of environments. Therefore, these speakers adapt to any room condition and deliver the right sound to your ears.

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