Sennheiser IE 200 Review

Sennheiser has added a new model to the IE family, which is the audiophile class in-ear headphones series. We are here with the new IE 200. Sennheiser launched the IE 200 as a replacement for the IE 300 for almost half the price. Despite this price difference, it has very similar technical performance. This headphone is a price performance champion.

IE 200 promises listeners who aim to enter the audiophile class in-ear headphone series with a good start, and an experience crowned with a special natural and brand new sound character. Let's examine it together, let's see how we will define the new Sennheiser IE 200. The new IE 200 welcomes us with detail, resolution, clarity, transparency and a dynamic presentation far beyond the limits of wireless audio. It invites you to enjoy high-end sound.

Dear audiophiles and audiophile candidates, let's not go too far back in recent history, there were IE80S, 800 and 800 S models. First of all, we have to distinguish this series from Sennheiser's CX series.

The IE series is a series that we can say is in the Hi-Fi headphone category, which includes models with high resolution and very detailed sound performance that can take you to the heights of sound. The 80s, 800 and 800s, but especially the 800 and 800S, were very natural, wide-stage, detailed and very high resolution headphones, where we could hear the mid frequencies very well, away from the biting but sharp treble character. We defined all these as the heirs of the natural voice character. Then a headset called IE 300 appeared. Before IE 200, IE 300 was a model waiting for you to enter this series. Now the New IE 200 takes over this task.

The IE 300 added such an energy to the IE series that Sennheiser's signature presentation; Added seriously intense lows, booming mid-bass, plus 6-decibel leading but not stifling, detailed, biting, energetic, musical highs. This is a headphone that is suitable for pop culture, suitable for listening to hip hop/rap and pop music, as well as opening a new window to the music genres that the new generation audiophile audience is used to.

IE 900 was introduced on top of the IE 300 model. The IE 900 emerged as the top model of the IE series. In IE 900 he adopted the basis of this sound character in his roots but presented it to us in much higher resolution and much more detail.

Finally, Sennheiser announced the IE 600 with an unexpected attack within the scenario where again energetic, bass frequencies hold the authoritative power. The IE 600 was a headphone with intense but less sharp trebles, where the mid frequencies are more prominent this time, the female vocals in the mid frequencies, which we liken to the HD 600 in a way, but are in completely different realms, sound very sweet, therefore, it has the breeze of musical presentation. Listeners liked the IE 600 more than the IE 900 on the market, but this was purely a direction related to the tonal color of the headphones. The technical performance of the IE 900 is several steps above the IE 600.

As a result, we are faced with a very good series. IE 200, IE 300, IE 600 and IE 900. Coming as upgrades over IE 800 and IE 800S, these models also have MMCX cable socket structure. They have emerged as more suitable models for the new world by offering more comfortable, ear-free and balanced additional cables such as 2.5 millimeters in the box.

These headphones have a lot of competitors nowadays. This is what we call the Chi-Fi industry. When we want to show a competitor to the IE 200, in this price range, the end of the road will probably lead to headphones produced by Chinese brands. Although we can't find these models very often in Turkey, we are faced with endless options when we go abroad, for example on Aliexpress. It is possible to count 20 brands in the 600, 150, 30 or even 1000 dollar band.

Sennheiser's difference from these; Apart from the brand credibility it offered, it became a tonal character. Based on a balanced response in frequency response, you, the music lovers, can actually achieve a more balanced presentation with very good performances with safer tunings.

Another advantage for Sennheiser headphones is that when you buy them from authorized dealers such as Hifilife and within the borders of Turkey, you have a very good technical service and warranty period of 2 years. When something happens to these ears, your problem will be solved quickly, maybe in a week, maybe in 2 weeks. Your problem can be solved by giving a new product when necessary, maybe by giving a top product, maybe by repairing the part, within the scope of a safe service process. When you encounter a similar problem with Chi-Fi headphones, it will not be possible for you to find such a reliable interlocutor.

A headset that retains the design advantages of the IE 200, IE 300, IE 600 and IE 900. It is a truly premium headphone with its ergonomic body design, replaceable MMCX cable, light, high quality and comfortable structure. Lots of ear buds, including foam tips that come in the box
tip accessory, the IE 200 comes with a presentation that is not lacking in the more expensive members of the IE series.

This headset is the starting point for audiophiles, the audience who wants to reach real sound.

The IE 200 is an interestingly natural toned headphone. Unlike the IE 300, 600 and 900 models, this neutral presentation means that you can shape this headset just like play dough, evolve it to other dimensions with equalizer settings, and customize the headphone's character according to your own musical taste.

With this neutral presentation, the raw timbre of the headphones is yours, without actually touching the equalizer settings, for a natural sound experience without tiring.
It also allows you to live. You can also love this headset as it comes straight out of the box. Yes, the IE 200 can have a more fun and spicy presentation with its equalizer settings, but even with its own character, its own natural raw timbre, this neutral sound presentation actually allows you to listen to the music for hours without getting tired. This natural timbre can still go down to deep bass frequencies, while it can go up to very clear and detailed high frequencies. This is a very close tone to the real Sennheiser character, which captures a natural presentation.

We know that Sennheiser's focus is more on technical performance and tonal character than anything else. The driver of the IE 200 is a driver manufactured in the Irish production facilities using 7 millimeter technology on the tapes where the 30, 600 and 900 are produced. Reinforcing this driver with such a tonal character allows it to have much greater potential than the value of this product, especially in the entry-level price range.

The internal braided cable that comes out of the box is very different from the cable of the IE 300, 600 and 900. While their cord is straight, this one is braided. We do not think that this cable has less performance than the others in terms of sound quality, only its structure is different. The braided design, in our opinion, fits well with this body and gives the model a sporty stance. We see flat cables everywhere, but when it comes to braided cable, we immediately understand that this is different from the others, we can call it an audiophile headset. We think it's pretty fun.

The MMCX socket used in the IE 200 is normally compatible with most audiophile headphones in the world, and is popular enough to upgrade this cable from anywhere. The only difference here is that the brand has made a customization that allows the cable to be disconnected and reconnected quickly and safely. However, although the convenience of the MMCX socket has somewhat reduced its availability and universality, it is not that there are dozens of options in the market that can fit this mutation.

This is a very important issue because the IE 200 is an audiophile class headphone and the best usage scenario should be one where it pairs with at least a portable amp/music player, not a phone or computer audio output. When you do this with a 2.5mm or 4.4mm balanced cable that you will upgrade, you can even better use the potential of these powerful sources you will pair. Balanced structure can make a serious difference in headphones. Similarly, you can customize the sound character of the headset, for example, by plugging in a pure silver cable. It would be useful for an audiophile to know these.

The second thing you need to know is that the silicones of this earphone are not for everyone. Of course, it varies from brand to brand, but if medium size silicones are suitable for your ears, you should prefer small size silicones in the IE series. Since these silicones have very thin leaves, lower frequencies can escape when there is a gap around your ear canal. So make sure that the ear tips fully cover the rim of your ear canal. Please try all the ear tips in the box for yourself and reach the most suitable result.

We can recommend very high quality foam tips that come out of the box of the IE 200 with peace of mind. With these foam tips, you reach maximum isolation and push the sound character of the headphone towards being a little warmer. Because the thick damping material here, which absorbs the upper frequencies a little, again minimizes the escape of the lower frequencies to the outside, making the sound character naturally warm. The foam tips included in the package here are actually a very high quality accessory that Sennheiser has added to the IE series for a while, which looks even nicer than Comply Foam, is very soft and is very compatible with the skin.

The interesting thing here is that IE 200's sound character
We can customize it by placing the silicone very close to the body or positioning it a click away from the body. If you ask how, when you move the ear tips one click away from the body, the sound stage expands a little, you reduce the intensity of the lower frequencies a little, in this way, we can expand the earphones towards a more 3-dimensional scene. We can bring that neutrality and naturalness to the top.

When you zoom in, you get a more personal stage experience. The instruments come a little closer to your ears, but we also increase the intensity of the lower frequencies, creating a more intense bass response and getting closer to the driver. As a result, we get a more energetic presentation. We chose to use it a little closer because the character of the headset is already balanced enough. Forcing this character more can make the earphones very weak, but this will vary from song to song. While listening to jazz music, classical music, taking this silicone one click away from the body will make it more realistic. This dynamic silicone structure can better reveal the personality of the music genre.

The IE 200 is one of Sennheiser's best decisions lately. Totally natural, neutral tuning, switchable MMCX socket, sleek, black and minimalist sporty body and, frankly, technical performance very close to that, even though it is almost half the price of the IE 300; With all these improvements, the IE 200 promises an excellent experience to the audiophile candidates who will enter the audiophile series for the first time. IE 200 tells us; I also have everything you could ask for, you can customize my sound very nicely by applying a lot of equalizer settings to me. I will offer you high resolution, very serious clarity. I have super detail achievement, I have a wide scene. You can change my cable, customize my voice character and match me with all music genres. It says I'm your headset IE 200. We liked the IE 200 as much as we could prefer it instead of the IE 300. The IE 200 is the latest demonstration of how Sennheiser cares for the audiophile community today. These headphones are a tribute to Sennheiser's 78-year legacy.

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