Decided to buy a true wireless earphone but don't know what to get? Especially now, the options are endless and complex. Each brand produces quality and very close headphones, so it becomes difficult to decide.

Let's make this decision-making process easier and reduce the options to 2 headphones and do a review. You decide which one is better, which one is better quality, which one is more comfortable and customizable. Of course, I will also explain my own choice.

As anyone can guess, these two headphones are SENNHEISER MOMENTUM TRUE WIRELESS 2 and APPLE AIRPODS PRO. The two earphones are the most sold and most preferred earphone models in the market. So which one is more preferred? Let's continue our review comparatively.


Sennheiser Momemtum True Wireless 2

Airpods Pro


7 hours

5 hours


21 hours

20 hours











Android, IOS








By looking at the table, the general features of Momentum TW2 compared to Airpods; We see that it stands out in areas such as bluetooth version, battery life and compatibility. There are two elements that caught my eye. The first is that Airpods can only be used with Apple products, which is a huge disadvantage for me and the other is battery life.


Let's stop judging from the data and talk a little bit about experience. The Momentum TW2 and AirPods Pro have a lot in common. The biggest common denominator is that they both have very good ANC performance. In both models, the transparent hearing feature, which allows you to hear the environment around you without removing your headphones, is also very successful. However, Momentum TW2 feels a little more digital than Airpods, but you can hear the whole environment clearly. I can say that the transparent hearing mode of AirPods Pro is more natural.

If we make a brief assessment in terms of customizability, the Momentum TW2 stands out in this area as well. Among the features that Airpods cannot offer us are the individually customizable touchpads, the eq setting that you can set, and the fact that it can be used on every device without any brand-model limitation. Airpods, on the other hand, only give the adaptive eq feature especially in terms of eq, so you cannot make an eq adjustment specifically.

In terms of comfort, the two earphones are really comfortable and I did not notice anything superior to each other.

Next in line is a headphone's most important feature: SOUND QUALITY;


Momentum TW2 offers a more balanced, detailed and expansive scene. Bass frequencies are slightly ahead, but never more than they should be. You can hear every instrument you listen to in detail and clearly. It is much easier for you to easily notice every detail, even in crowded instrument recordings. It offers clear and detailed listening in the mid and high frequencies.

Airpods Pro, on the other hand, performs better at mid frequencies. It's easy to listen to but has some difficulty presenting details. With a narrower soundstage and detail, it's not hard to say that it lags behind the Momentum TW2.

I listened to many different tracks in many different styles on both headphones. One of them is The Weeknd Blinding Lights and the other is Pink Floyd What Do You Want From Me. The result is exactly as I expected. While Airpods presented a thunderous sound in The Weekend song, Pink Floyd lost detail and stage width in its song, it became difficult to separate the instruments, and presented a sound that could be heard in general terms. It's not bad, but that's not the sound I want... Momentum TW2, on the other hand, was a bit softer in The Weeknd song, focusing on a calmer and clearer sound. It's a quality sound but with a calmer detail... In Pink Floyd, it was very enjoyable to hear bass, keyboard, vocals, guitars and everything one by one. Do not forget that these people, while recording these music, hide incredible details in those tracks and hearing them is a priceless taste.

Even though I don't see a big difference when talking on the phone, it's not hard to say that Momentum TW2 is more natural and real than Airpods. However, Airpods are also quite successful in this regard.

To conclude all the details, you can have an Apple Airpods for a cheaper price by sacrificing sound quality and battery life, but never giving up on comfort.

On the other side; If you want better and more real sound and a more special headset at a higher price, your choice should be the Momentum TW2.

As I said at the beginning, it's time for my personal opinion. I can explain it to you this way. Would you like to listen to your favorite piece of your favorite band from a bar band or from the band itself? Of course, you will say from the group itself. So listen to what I say. Sennhesier is a brand that has been producing headphones for 75 years and is a worldwide brand that has been very successful in turning these years into experience and experience into quality. So some things have to be left to their owners. If a headphone choice has to be made, it is not difficult for me to always say Sennheiser first and then others.

Because despite the price difference of around 1000 TL, the fact that the majority prefers the Sennheiser TW2 confirms my words.

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