Klipsch Heritage Groove - Bluetooth High-End Active Speaker Review


The little mischievous child of legendary Klipsch speakers, Heritage Groove continues the Klipsch legacy. The real wood used on the top and bottom gives a sweet feeling with the lamp radio-style look that came from the dusty shelves of the old. From another point of view, it does not resemble a mini electric guitar amp. I've probably fallen for such vintage amp-looking speakers. I guess this was one of them.

Let's continue the event while we are in the ready design. Klipsch offered us two color options, matte black and walnut wood. My choice was black. At the top of the speaker is the control panel made using premium metal. The keys are small and comfortable to use. The black-gold blended vintage grille I just mentioned is the pinnacle of design. This grill style that I mentioned is only valid for black color. Also, I don't know how they managed to look so vintage and modern at the same time. As for the design essence of the work, Klipsch is like Klipsch as always… It makes you feel quality materials in every piece it uses. In other words, when you buy a Klipsch speaker, whatever the type and model, remember that you are not only buying sound but also design and quality. This is a privilege…


      First of all, I have to say this; don't expect such rumbling full basses. It wouldn't be right to expect such a thing from a speaker of this size anyway, but still the bass sounds on point and clean. It would be a shame to say it's low for bass.

As with the classic Klipsch sound, Heritage Groove immediately whispers "hello, I'm Klipsch" to your ears with its dynamic and hard playing. I think this is something very important. It's like getting to know your favorite guitarist without ever seeing them. You don't see it, but you know it's playing. This is character, whatever you say about being a brand, it's a pretty good thing.

Klipsch has always provided a bright, high-frequency sound that clears your ears. This legacy seems to have continued at the Heritage Groove. When I listened to Stevie Ray Vaughan's "Cold Shot" song, blazing guitar tones, clear and tactful drums and bass tones made me smile. Is it enough? Of course no. I continued with Dire Straits “Sultans of Swing” right after. Being a brilliant piece on record, it boosted Groove. Let me underline that the basses are very tasty. Let's open the event with BB King, I continued with "The Thrill is Gone". It was very enjoyable when our chubby sweet uncle played every detail of the guitar tone into my ears. And of course, you can't try it with metal music. I tried it with “We Were Born to Fly”, a song from Scorpions full of thumping dynamic transitions, and the result was surprisingly good, even though it's the final sound, it's a good result that the piece pulls through. It is an important detail that it can play at 20w level without distortion.

To make a general comment on these pieces that I listened to and many similar pieces that I did not write here; I can confidently say that I received a performance above its price with the width, detail and clarity of the stage. It is a very good result that there is very little distortion in the sound, especially at high volume levels. Vocals are always very clear, you can hear every instrument very easily, even if there are not very complex parts. The bass is never dull, and I think it says I'm here just as it should, clearly and softly without muffled sound. In general, Heritage Groove gives you; It offers clear, dynamic, detailed and powerful sound. I have no doubt about it.

Electronic music, pop, RNB etc. It's true that it pales in musical styles and more complex productions. There is always detail, there is always clarity, but you have a little difficulty getting that strong bass sound you want to hear. Considering the size factor in this, the result is not bad at all. Of course, I can't help but say that Klipsch listens to blues, rock, metal, jazz, acoustic and folk. I'm not saying this as a pattern, of course, but every valiant has a yoghurt eater after all. Klipsch always emphasizes this with his chest.


DC Input: 5V, 1A

Amplifier Output: 20W Max

Frequency Range: 65Hz–22kHz +/- 3dB

Drive Type: 1 x 3” aluminum

Passive Bass Radiator: 2 side positioned

Maximum Output Power: 97dB (at 0.5m)

Inputs: Bluetooth, 3.5mm jack

Battery Duration: 8 hours

Battery Type: Rechargeable lithium-ion 7.4V 2-cell 2200 mAH

Accessories: AC Power Cord, micro USB charging cable

Surface Color: Matt Black, Walnut Wood

Dimensions (SUBWOOFER): 5” (127mm) H x 6” (152mm) W x 2.6” (67mm) D

Weight: 2.2lbs (.99kg)

When we look at the technical features, the features we see in all other bluetooth speakers are similarly available. The only sad point is that Groove is not IPX certified. Although it is not a very important feature for me, if we think that it may be a reason for preference, we can give our first minus point here. To share my sincere feelings, I have never understood why a speaker should not be waterproof. If you pay attention, it is already waterproof. 😊 I think we should never get into the pool and sea events😊

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