KEF R Series Makes a Difference! We Reviewed R5-R3 and R2C Speakers.

KEF R Series Makes a Difference! We Reviewed R5-R3 and R2C Speakers.

The third glorious technology of the tower speaker fraternity, R5 is ready to be positioned wherever you want, with its outer structure that does not use less than 13 layers of microfiber, well-designed grilles and cones produced to reduce distortion and increase sensitivity.

Considering the care and attention required by the use of the 12th generation Uni-Q driver used in all other KEF R series speakers, is it necessary to say how robust the R5's cabinet features are?

Featured Speakers with Low Frequency Capability

The cabinet structure of the R5 is designed so solidly that even with two 130 mm low frequency drivers, a very deep and clean bass can be obtained. This is an unexpected result for an R5 size speaker. Here is another reason to choose the R series, from the biggest to the smallest!

Seamless Driver Integration

Thanks to the Shadow Flare, the R5 allows us to focus on a wide area by separating even the most complex sounds with precision, and with its seamless integration between the drivers, we can clearly perceive the harmonious transitions of the notes.

Bi-Wire Speaker Connection

As in all R series, interconnection jumpers are implemented in R5, and thanks to the link on the rear connection terminal, it is possible to easily switch between single or bi-wire connection.

Considering how privileged speakers KEF has produced in recent years, it is no coincidence that it does not disappoint, on the contrary, provides high satisfaction in meeting the expectations of end users regarding music and cinema systems. If you choose your cinema systems, you should know that you will enjoy more than your expectations and your money will not be wasted.

Our Amp Recommendations:


NAD C 368, NAD M10


NAD T 777 V3

KEF R3 Rack Type High-End Speaker

We continue to introduce the KEF R series speakers, each an engineering achievement that makes your music and cinema enjoyable. Now next, The smallest member of the family with the 12th generation Uni-Q and 165mm bass driver, shelf model It has R3 speakers.

Designed with the engineering content and sonic performance of Reference 1, the R3 speaker is introduced with various dispersion and integration improvements to reduce distortion and increase performance over previous versions.

Its Small, Big-Function Speaker

Having a three-way design with a special bass driver, the R3 speaker distributes the sounds in a deep and balanced way, while also guaranteeing a clear and refined hearing to the users. Although the R3 speaker is the smallest of the speakers in the KEF R series, its performance is well above expectations with its agile, clear and fast sound outputs.

Optional Subwoofer Use

In the meantime, we can recommend a quality active subwoofer next to this speaker for users who want to use the shelf-mounted R3 speaker and hear below 50 Hz. But we recommend making this connection Hi-level rather than typical Sub Out. Here, When I say hi-level, the amplifier's direct speaker output, active We mean connecting the subwoofer to the speaker input. The reason of this; minimizing the bass synchronization between the speakers… Of course, every active part of this feature It should also be noted that it is not found in the subwoofer. Among those we can recommend with this feature is the KEF Kube series. You can choose one of Kube8, Kube10 or Kube12 according to the size of your usage area.

Wide Range of Sound

This stylish and ostentatious model of R series speakers, which can be a reason for preference for end users who want to save money, has features that will bring even those with different tastes together at a common point. Also, let's not forget that the R3 speaker, which is very successful in capturing natural acoustics perfectly with its wide range of fields and offering a quality resolution to sensitive ears, is almost perfect for music and cinema systems.

KEF R2C High-End Center Speaker

One of the two most important equipment of a theater system is the center speaker and the other is the active subwoofer speaker. The center speaker undertakes the task of transmitting the sound that should come from the center of the front part of the video recording you are watching, especially the dialogue part, and in the multi-channel sound recording. The center speaker is therefore the instrument that should be the most intelligible of all channel speakers.

The Importance of the KEF R2C Center Speaker

Undoubtedly, one of the most important factors in meeting the expectations of the users of cinema systems is the speaker selection. It should be noted that almost 60% of a movie goes through the center speaker, while the other channel speakers are complementary equipment. For bass, the subwoofer is responsible for giving low frequency sounds that all channels cannot but need. Therefore, especially in multi-channel systems, the center speaker and active subwoofer must be selected correctly.

KEF R2C Capability of Center Speaker

We know that all speakers of the KEF R series are very capable and privileged in design. The KEF R2C center speaker is one of them.

In the KEF R2C center speaker, a 12th generation Uni-Q driver and two 130 mm hybrid aluminum bass drivers are used to give the bass sounds as detailed as possible. These bass drivers can go down to 74 Hz, which makes the KEF R2C center speaker quite capable. Of course, in this case, as we mentioned above, the active subwoofer speaker completes the lower frequencies that the center speaker cannot deliver.

Bi-Wire Speaker Connection

As with all R series speakers, the KEF R2C center speaker can easily switch between single or bi-wire connection thanks to the link on the rear connection terminal, where interconnection jumpers are implemented.

KEF R2C Reason for Choosing Center Speaker

Choosing the right speaker requires a lot of care and precision, especially if you have high expectations. We can say that the detail capability of the 12th generation Uni-Q driver is the reason for preference in the KEF R2C center speaker, as it is in all speakers with this driver. In addition, we clearly observe the use of the most complex sound editing feature thanks to the Shadow Flare and the effect of the cabinet quality of the R series on the sound in the KEF R2C center speaker. Here are three valid reasons to choose the KEF R2C center speaker…

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