KEF R Series Makes a Difference! We Reviewed R11-R7 Speakers.

KEF R Series Makes a Difference! We Reviewed R11-R7 Speakers

The original R-series was first introduced in 2011 as a line-up between the Q and Reference series, poised to form an important part of the KEF speaker legend. The original R-series speakers have exceeded expectations in the industry, and so far have been eye-catching enough and have made many end-users smile.


So what are the innovations?

After the original R series, KEF rolled up its sleeves to meet the high expectations for loudspeakers, and introduced a new product that stands out with its much superior performance features. Although it bears superficial similarities with the Q series, we can say that the speakers of the new KEF R series, which met us as completely redesigned from the beginning to the end, have again found a place above expectations in the industry.

Undoubtedly, the biggest reason for this is that KEF has a long history in product development and acoustic technology research, which does not surprise enthusiasts. In the new KEF R series of this brand, which has an important place in the hi-end sector, the innovations of the Reference series, which is an upper segment, are also used. In this way, KEF R offers us a tremendous musical experience with its feature of being a series with more details and depth.

If you wish, let's take a look at the R series speakers, the technological heroes of the living KEF legend, one by one.


The most striking feature of the R11, the largest and most spectacular model of the R Series, is the combination of four bass drivers and the latest generation Uni-Q driver. This is very cleverly thought out. Because, it is not difficult to estimate the level of sound quality, thanks to this small combination made to achieve a very powerful and balanced sound. There is more; When the hybrid aluminum drivers used for bass frequencies and the 12th generation Uni-Q driver used for mid and treble frequencies are added to this clever idea, the speakers of the R11 are made extremely striking and exclusive.

12th Gen Uni-Q Driver

Those who have followed the explanation of Jack Oclee-Brown, head of acoustics of KEF, will know. While we're at it, let's remind you. The aforementioned 12th generation Uni-Q driver was released very differently from its original version, which dates back more than 30 years. That's why this version contributes a lot to the new series KEF R 11.

Kef R11 Paire d'enceintes colonnes - Hi-Fi, Home-Cinéma, Salle de ...

Much Has Changed

Despite its huge size, Kef R 11, which is designed in a way that will not upset its users, is easily stabilized to the desired location with its pointed and four-legged set. In addition, this new generation loudspeaker stands out from the others and allows easy switching between single or bi-wire connection, thanks to the screw switches located on the terminal panel. In this way, the trouble of removing and installing the interconnection jumpers, and even the possibility of lamenting for the lost ones, is eliminated.

After so much praise, let's add that this qualified speaker we mentioned did not delay in receiving the award worthy of his glory. Thanks to all these innovations, it should be noted that the KEF R11 received the 2019-2020 best tower speaker award by EISA.

KEF Announces R Series Loudspeakers | audiophil(e)

We also have a little info for the curious, Raymond Cooke, the founder of KEF, was awarded the Order of the British Empire (OBE) by Elizabeth in 1979.

Finally, let's take a look at the amp options we can recommend based on our experience. Actually, there is a lot of variety. But we have made a generalization for you by concentrating on qualified products that allow scaling the wide measuring range to a useful range;

Class A : 10-15 watts minimum (Sugden)

AB class amplifiers (including AVR): Minimum 50 watts Vincent 237

Hybrid-digital: min 80 watts ( NAD series M10, M12 pre -M22 power)

R 7

Where were we?

Let's continue to introduce the new generation speakers of KEF with our other hero R 7, which is included in the legendary KEF R series. Most of the features of this state-of-the-art speaker, which has been completely redesigned, are actually not that different from the others in the series, as they are in the same series production. What makes them different is the number of bass drivers and cabinet sizes…

Extreme Popularity

At this point, the choice is left to the preferences of you users. After all, there are innovations based on production and performance in all speakers of the R series. All speakers in this series, which have never lost their respect and popularity for both Hi-Fi and home theater enthusiasts, deserve five stars in our opinion.

Shadow Flare

Undoubtedly the biggest gain of the use of the 12th generation of Uni-Q, which we talked about in the introduction of the R 11, is the SHADOW FLARE technology, which includes the R 7 and other R series speakers and reduces harmful cabinet breakage. Thanks to this technology, the resulting sound is more sensitive and becomes purer. We should congratulate the KEF engineers for this. Because they worked meticulously on one of the important reasons for choosing this series.

Another Innovation

Let's not forget that the magnet design system inside the R 7, which is one of the most handsome of the KEF R series floor speakers and the tower speaker brotherhood, has also been renewed. This ingenious innovation to create a more even magnetic field is also a great gift to the bass drivers of the R series speakers.

Finally, let's emphasize that these special speakers (which we especially had the opportunity to explore in the R 7) reflect deep and loud sounds, soft enough to appeal to gentle ears and selective listening perception, that make the R series very valuable in terms of sound separation and image formation.

Let's come to our amp suggestions...

Although ear pleasure and sensation differ from person to person, we call it the M 10 from the NAD Master Series, based on our experience.



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