KEF Kube Subwoofer Series for Deep Bass is Under Review!

An Excellent Subwoofer from KEF: KEF Kube

Everything has been thought of for you to discover the hidden depths of sound in KEF Kube Subwoofers. We now know the quality of KEF's speaker productions and try to experience these marvels of technology as much as we can.

All models of the Kube series speakers are equipped with iBX technology that dynamically increases the bass depth. Thanks to this technology, the explosive power of sound is revealed with a tremendous balance and dispersion. Dynamically enhancing bass depth and taking optimization to a whole new level with the ability to design, create and integrate, it also enables immersive music presentation and home theater experiences.

Also, another great feature of Kube Subwoofers is that they offer unmatched installation flexibility. LFE, Pre-in and speaker level input, which is not available in every active subwoofer, ensures accurate and high quality results in stereo music experience.

Similarities and Differences in KEF Kube Speaker Features

All three of these active bass speakers have pretty much similar features. All three are equipped with 300 Watt RMS class D amplifiers. However, the drive sizes differ with the 8.10 and 12-inch models. Supported by 3 special EQ settings that allow easy placement, these speakers also vary in their lowest frequency values due to these differences in driver sizes.

KEF Kube series speakers, which perform perfectly for a wide variety of sized rooms without occupying a lot of floor space, make it easy for you to adjust the bass as you want with its three-position adjustment options.

Fine Tuning is Required for KEF Kube Speaker

We've seen so many times how precise subwoofer tuning requires. This setting requires such fine precision that it becomes the main issue to adjust that "neither more or less" point. Let's share a trick with you right here. The fact that the active bass speaker cannot be pinpointed by ear even when it is working at full efficiency, which shows that this setting is done correctly. an important sign…

Another reason why we focus on the Active Subwoofer in such detail is that, for example, in a theater setup, other channels take on the task of sub 80 Hz, easing the load on the speakers and preventing them from resonating. For this reason, the positioning of the speakers in the room is also of particular importance. At this point, the 3 EQ options of the KEF Kube series come into play. Because these speakers offer us all the possibilities to make all these possible and necessary fine adjustments. This provides a great advantage and privilege.

Impresses with the Functionality in the Cinema System

By the way, let's talk about the 5.1.4 Dolby Atmos system installation, which we carried out in a rectangular room of 80 m2, as a result of our experience.

In the installation of this system;

  • Front Speakers: KEF R7 speaker,
  • Center Speaker: KEF R2C speaker,
  • Rear Speakers: KEF R3 speaker,
  • Speaker for Atmos: 4 Ci160QR from KEF in-ceiling series speakers,
  • Active Subwoofer: we used KEF KUBE12b

We positioned this Subwoofer outside the system, in the right corner of the room. As an amplifier, we used the NAD T777 V3, which has a tremendous separation ability. After doing all our fine-tuning, the result was exactly what we expected:

  • Excellent Sound Quality
  • Outstanding Sub-Frequency Support in Dynamic Sounds

    Success of KEF KUBE Subwoofer Series in Music Systems

    We mentioned earlier that the KEF Kube series speakers also allow connecting to music amplifiers that do not have a Sub Out or Pre Out output, thanks to the speaker level input that is not available in every active Subwoofer. However, it should be noted here that the first purpose of using this input is to make it respond at the same time as our speakers in our stereo system. In our audio system setups, we have enabled our speakers to come into play from the low frequency point that they cannot deliver, and with the fine adjustments we have made in this way, the result we have achieved has been truly admirable.

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