The World's Best Soundbar in Turkey: Sennheiser AMBEO

The World's Best Soundbar Sennheiser AMBEO Impressed All Audio Enthusiasts.

One of the first brands that come to mind when it comes to sound and sound technologies, Sennheiser's loudspeaker project AMBEO Soundbar, which has been developed for many years and has made a great effort, made a great impact when it was launched.

As Hifilife, we have examined the product to the smallest detail and we think you may want to read this article before purchasing.

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Although we do not think it will be much, there may be those who do not know Sennheiser. So let's start with the Sennheiser introduction first.

Who is Sennheiser?

Sennheiser is one of the most important sound companies in the world, founded in 1945 in Hanover, Germany. Fritz Sennheiser, an engineer, founded his own company right after the Second World War and has written his name in an important place for professionals or everyday users with headphones, microphones, on-stage systems since then.

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Sennheiser's only focus has been on products that have perfect acoustic capabilities, are equipped with constantly updated technologies, and delight audiophiles.

After a little Sennheiser briefing, let's move on to our product review.

First glance

First of all, a big box welcomes us. In a standard brown carton, the product sends us its first greetings. The package looks pretty tight and sturdy. It is important that the interior mechanics remain rigid in such products. Therefore, let's start the review with the advice of trying to be very gentle and not shake it too much while carrying the product.

When we open the box, we see the cables and the control placed on the right and left parts. Then we see the AMBEO Soundbar's trademark "Calibration Microphone" carefully positioned on the top surface.

Underneath all this, we see the AMBEO Soundbar, the latest product of 75 years of acoustic engineering experience.

To say that we first felt after the opening of the box, we can definitely say that it is packaged in a premium and quality that will do justice to the reviews.

The product is neither too light nor too heavy as expected. It has a weight of 18.5 kilos.

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Box contents:

1 x AMBEO Soundbar
1pc Power Cord
1 Remote Control
1 Calibration Microphone
1x High Speed ​​HDMI Cable
1 Quick User Guide

Are You Ready for a Magical Sound?

Before we talk about the AMBEO Soundbar, let's talk a little bit about AMBEO technology.

AMBEO is developed by Sennheiser from recording to mixing; It is a broad three-dimensional sound technology that extends from processing to listening. Therefore, we can say that AMBEO has more than one application. AMBEO is a technology that has been developing in the background for a very long time for Sennheiser and has met with the consumer in the last 2 years. Among these applications, a 3D microphone, 3D Ambeo Computer Program, a headset that records in 3D, and finally a soundbar that transmits 3D sound met the consumers.

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Simon Rhodes, Chief Engineer of the legendary Abbey Road studio, where the Beatles recorded albums, has this to say about AMBEO:

"Once you get into the world of sound that's all-environmental, it's impossible to go back."

When you listen to the content recorded with AMBEO microphones with any headphones, you get a perfect 3D effect. In fact, if you listen to these recordings on the AMBEO Soundbar, we can guarantee that it will rank first in the list of truly hair-raising experiences in your life.

"One Soundbar To Rule Them All"

The Lord of the Rings terminology is currently the perfect way to describe the AMBEO Soundbar. Let's take a look inside AMBEO, the "One Soundbar" that will rule all Soundbars.

The AMBEO Soundbar has exactly 13 speakers. While 9 speakers are located on the front panel, one of these speakers is positioned as the Center, that is, the center speaker.

Two of the speakers, one on the left and one on the right, are positioned facing the side walls. The last 2 speakers are facing upwards, and there is 1 each on the left and right ends.

6 10cm woofers
5x 2.5cm tweeters,
2 x 9cm ceiling speakers

To explain the situation terminologically, we have a soundbar with 5.1.4 effect. Physically, you can think of it as having 5 floor speakers and 4 ceiling speakers. The remaining 1 is the part that extracts the woofer, that is, the Bass frequencies.

This sequence is the perfect sequence that provides us with 3D, that is, environmental sound. The orientation of the speakers and the software logic of making the sound reflect off the walls and ceiling is the technology that makes you feel in the middle of the concert you are listening to or in the movie as if you are one of the characters of a movie.

So how does the device perceive this logic of hitting the wall and ceiling? It actually works like this: When setting up the AMBEO Soundbar, you first need to teach him the room the Soundbar is in with the calibration microphone that comes out of the box. The calibration microphone can create sounds of various frequencies and measure the response of the room surface to these sounds, keeping in mind values ​​such as distance, floor hardness, ceiling height, reflection intensity. If you take the Soundbar to another room, you will have to calibrate and teach the new room to the device again.

This process is as easy as pressing 2 keys and waiting for a few minutes. The entire process will already be started and terminated by the device itself.

Now that we have touched on the working principle, let's talk about connections and other technologies:


The AMBEO Soundbar includes the most important 3D audio codecs on the market such as Dolby Atmos®, MPEG-H and DTS:X™. Considering that many Blueray movies now come with 3D support, and the codec Dolby Atmos, which provides the greatest support for this support, we can say that we have a lot of content to watch.

All supported audio formats:

  • LPCM 2ch, LPCM 5.1ch, LPCM 7.1ch
  • Dolby Digital, Dolby Digital Plus
  • Dolby TrueHD
  • Dolby Atmos - Dolby TrueHD, Dolby Atmos - Dolby Digital Plus
  • DTS
  • DTS-ES Disc 6.1, DTS-ES Matrix 6.1
  • DTS 96/24
  • DTS:X

With the connection inputs of the soundbar, it offers a variation that can work with any device in almost any environment.

Connection Inputs:

  • 3x HDMI Input (v.2.0a), 1x HDMI Output (v.2.1 eARC)
  • 1x Optical Input
  • 1x AUX In (Stereo RCA)
  • 1x USB (For Update/Service)
  • 1x Ethernet
  • 1x Subwoofer Pre-Out (Mono-RCA)
  • 1x Microphone In (2.5mm jack)

It would be logical to mention two prominent features here. The first is the Subwoofer output. The AMBEO Soundbar perfectly extracts the bass frequencies from the depth of 30Hz. However, if you still want much harder bass hits for personal taste, you can connect an external Subwoofer.

The device has an output power of 500 Watts. The very powerful Soundbar will easily fill your living room with excellent sound.

The second feature is the HDMI eARC output. This technology, which is an abbreviation of "Enhanced Audio Return Channel", which comes with the new HDMI version, ensures that the transmitted sound is carried in the highest resolution.

The HDMI feature also includes 4K Video-Pass-Through and Dolby Vision-Pass-through.
The AMBEO Soundbar, which also supports Bluetooth, can be connected with Google Chromecast and you can provide many additional controls.

We can say that the product really performs quite well for its price in many music genres.

Like many other newly released Sennheiser wireless headphones, the AMBEO Soundbar can be used with the Smart Control app and you can control many features via the app.


Frankly, we don't think you can expect such a performance from any soundbar. Because we didn't think we could make this inference until we listened to the device. However, the AMBEO Soundbar has a one-of-a-kind sound performance that will amaze you with acoustics, as it says on the box.

After performing the calibration, when you sit down and start listening to the content from the soundbar, all you feel is that you are surrounded by a tremendously realistic sound. The sounds come from different directions so naturally as they should, you want to turn your head and believe there is a speaker there. However, the only place where sound is produced is a single soundbar in front of you.

We watched various Dolby Atmos content and the 3D version of Mad Max: Fury Road. As we wrote above, we were at the center of the film and other content as much as we would not want to believe. In fact, I can clearly say that the Eagles' Hotel California song, which was made artificially 3D by AMBEO, made us believe that we were watching the same concert with tens of thousands of people screaming in the middle of the stadium.

By the way, the seating arrangement is very important. Therefore, when calibrating, position the microphone in the most suitable position as in the instructions. So you can create a perfect space where everyone will get the same result.


If you ask if it was worth waiting so long for the first speaker bearing the signature of Sennheiser, our answer is definitely; yes, it will. Sennheiser has produced a device that offers real sound that no other brand or product on the market can achieve. While reaching this reality, it is also very important to be able to do it quite easily. Zero cables, zero problems and maximum efficiency.

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Hifilife Review Team

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