Astell&Kern is a South Korean audio technology company that manufactures music players, amplifiers, headphones and Hi-Fi accessories. The brand is known for its music players being the best in the world. The company's newly introduced music player, the SP3000, is the latest proof of this. Some time ago, Campfire Audio and Astell&Kern announced the AK Solaris X with Astell&Kern's instinct to recreate the deep, rich sound. Thanks to its refined technologies, AK Solaris X made a great impression around the world and attracted the attention of audiophiles.

Now, again, Astell&Kern and Campfire Audio have joined forces once again to present PATHFINDER, a bespoke multi-driver system built with cutting-edge technologies and a new hybrid IEM that delivers authentic, pure quality sound. Astell&Kern and Campfire Audio are worthy of the PATHFINDER name. they spent a lot of time on this headset to create a product.

Let's take a look at the results of that!


Unboxing a new headphone is one of the rituals that excite us audiophiles. A&K Pathfinder keeps it alive in the most luxurious version possible.

When we take the Pathfinder in our hands, we observe that its design makes it feel peaceful, with rounded corners that contribute to ergonomics. It transforms into an aggressive stance on a steel pallet on the back of the cabin with its classic A&K lines.

The color, shape and design of the cables are in harmony with the general lines of the headset and complement each other.


The carrying case paired with the earpiece is so good that it makes one wish to say that all high-end in-ear headphones included such a good carrying case.

In addition to this bag, it is of course a great delicacy that 2 more mesh covers are included in which you can store accessories.

What's In The Box?

Pathfinder is accompanied by a rich box content and a luxurious presentation.
greets us.


Box contents:

- 2.5mm Silver Plated Copper Cable

- 3.5mm Silver Plated Copper Cable

- 4.4mm Silver Plated Copper Cable

- 5 Pairs of Final Audio E-Tips (XS/S/M/L/XL)

- 3 Pairs of Campfire Audio Marshmallow Eartips (S/M/L)

- 3 Pairs of Silicone Eartips (S/M/L)

- Headphone Cleaning Kit

- Zippered Leather Case

- Headphone Protection Case

- Eartips And Cable Storage Pouch

Material Quality

Custom Beryllium Copper MMCX connectors, regular brass
It is more resistant to wear and tear than connectors and creates a solid joint. Typical MMCX sockets are usually made of soft brass. This choice of harder material in the Pathfinder extends the life of the component and headset. Pathfinder, manufactured in the USA with great care and handcraft, will accompany your music listening journey without compromising its first day form thanks to the preferred long-lasting and durable materials.

 PATHFINDER is hand-assembled in Portland, Oregon, USA by skilled headphone masters, who aim to produce each earpiece to the highest quality standards. This excellent engineering example, combined with human hand skills, promises a work of high standards, as in luxury automatic watches.


Pathfinder is a very comfortable headset. Since the comfort of use and comfort experience is a personal example, it can produce highly variable results depending on the individual ergonomics. This is real.

However, Campfire Audio and A&K made use of a lot of ear shape data while producing the Pathfinder, and directed this headset to fit into the most comfortable, smooth and comfortable mold possible.

Sound Quality

There is always a need in the market for new IEMs that can offer a wide frequency range, realistic reproduction and excellent balance.

To achieve this, PATHFINDER is home to a custom Double Diaphragm Balanced Armature (BA) Driver from Knowles for a significant portion of the midrange, double BA drivers for the high frequencies as well as two dynamic drivers responsible for the bass and midranges.

The Radial Ventilated Acoustic Chamber, newly developed by Campfire Audio, is another new technology applied to the cabinet produced by 3D printing with two Special 10mm diameter Dynamic Drivers. This acoustic chamber is said to naturally express the intense bass produced by the two dynamic drivers placed at opposing angles, while preserving the unique tonal character of the dynamic drivers. Airy!

The balanced armature drivers used here are not from Knowles, the company that does this job best. Specially produced for Pathfinder, these drivers are easy on the ear and avoid sibilances.

Used for the first time in PATHFINDER, Knowles' new "Dual Chamber" Balanced Armature Driver is an innovative driver in which a single coil drives two separate diaphragms. You can think of it like a twin-cylinder engine. Compared to a single, larger piston engine
This structure provides more horsepower and smoother movement.

Coming out of the motor analogy, these drivers really excel at expressing a warmer and more natural midrange tone than most hybrid headphones. The unique performance of this brand new Dual Chamber BA Driver exclusive to PATHFINDER is well worth a listen.

PATHFINDER comes with three silver-plated copper cables that allow the headphones to reach their full performance potential. Here, you can reach the next level of performance by using 2.5mm and 4.4mm cables with suitable Astell & Kern music players. The silver plated OFC(Oxygen Free Copper) copper Litz cable is a newly manufactured flat cable model to deliver a clearer, more resolvable sound.

The flat cables really avoid tangling, they wind up quickly and have minimal friction noise.

Pathfinder is a high-performance headphone that will not leave you below any criteria you will evaluate with its features, sound character, accessories and stylish design.

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