In this article, we have examined the bluetooth speakers that you will want to buy in 2023 for you. Starting with the evolution of bluetooth speakers over time, you will find the best portable bluetooth speaker models today in this guide.

The Evolution of Portable Bluetooth Speakers

Let's remember the radios that were in our homes in the past, which took their power from the socket in a large volume and it was not possible to transport. With these radios, we expected the songs we wanted to play on a limited number of radio stations. Even if the song we wanted played, most of the time, every radio frequency was not good quality due to our location and we would hear the song distorted. In the future, portable radios emerged, some of which were battery-powered radios that we carried in our pockets, and some of them were of the type that did not take long to carry a charge. Then, sd card and usb type A inputs were added to these radios, with these inputs we started to play some of the songs we wanted on these portable radios. We say the songs we want because these devices had support for sd cards and usb sticks of a certain GB size, they could not read memory cards and portable usb sticks containing more data. However, these portable speakers contributed to our socialization, where we could listen to our favorite songs outside with our loved ones.

In the future, bluetooth technology was added to these radio-like devices. With the introduction of Bluetooth technology to transmit music, the prevalence of devices gradually increased, some of them retained their radio features, while others also functioned as flashlights. However, these devices also let their users down in long-term use with their batteries that do not last for a long time and their material quality (outer cases, buttons, component life). When we get closer to today, the increase in music quality with almost 0 delay and high bitrate with current bluetooth versions was clearly observed in portable bluetooth speaker models. Bluetooth speaker models, music
They have become very stingy about battery efficiency along with their quality, so much so that lithium polymer batteries (LiPo), which are also known for their flexible structure and are used in many mobile devices such as smart phones, laptops, smart watches today, are found in the bodies of bluetooth speakers, which are in all forms by design. are positioned perfectly. These bluetooth speakers, which allow us to enjoy music for a long time with their high mAh batteries (battery capacity), are now indispensable in core environments.

Does Brand Matter in Portable Bluetooth Speaker?

Although the portable bluetooth speaker universe is developing day by day, Chinese brands that produce sub-industry and brands such as Bang & Olufsen and Klipsch, which have proven themselves, differ in producing quality bluetooth speakers. For example, Bang & Olufsen reflects its motto of producing quality and correct sound in active Hi-Fi speakers worth thousands of dollars to its bluetooth speaker models that fit in the palm of our hand and that we can carry wherever we want.

Spare parts and after-sales support, which are lacking in many brands, seriously affect the service life of the bluetooth speakers we buy. In the event of a malfunction, our device becomes unusable, and the inability to find an interlocutor causes us to not get what we paid for. Bang & Olufsen portable bluetooth speakers, which meet us today in Turkey under the distributorship of Bircom, have been specially produced for different needs with the premium service quality they offer.

Which Bluetooth Speaker Should I Buy?

Would you like music to accompany you at picnics, barbecue parties or house parties with your loved ones in summer with a portable bluetooth speaker with a bag-type hanger?

That's what the Bang & Olufsen Beolit ​​20 is for. With its powerful bass and high-resolution detailed sounds, Beolit ​​20 offers up to 8 hours of wireless music listening experience. Your phone, which you connect with the Qi charging pad on its top surface, also allows the music to continue uninterrupted by being charged. With its simplicity reflecting Scandinavian design and its leather strap, Bang & Olufsen Beolit ​​20 can be considered as an object that you can easily display in the living room of your home, as well as resembling a luxury bag when viewed from afar.

Waterproof bluetooth speakers often have a muffled sound due to their water-resistant properties. Microphone quality is also not very satisfactory, just like sound quality. However, the Bang & Olufsen Beosound A1 2nd Generation Waterproof Portable Bluetooth Speaker, in addition to its elegant compact structure, has a high-capacity battery that allows you to listen to music at high volume for 18 hours. You can make your online conferences with the 3 microphones on the Beosound A1 2nd Generation bluetooth speaker.

You can have business meetings with your colleagues by placing the aluminum body Beoplay A1 2nd generation portable bluetooth speaker, which you use at a pool party at the weekend, in the middle of the table in the meeting room in the office on weekdays. This versatile use also increases the usage efficiency of Beosound A1, generally waterproof bluetooth speakers do not aim to offer crystal clear call calls, but Beosound A1 2nd Generation bluetooth speakers emphasize that it is both waterproof and you can make high quality calls. With the Beosound A1 bluetooth speaker, you can use Amazon Alexa in a fully integrated manner and benefit from the smart features of Amazon Alexa.

If you are fond of nature activities such as trekking, camping, mountaineering, climbing, a waterproof, dustproof, strong-bodied bluetooth speaker that you can use by attaching it to your clothing will undoubtedly make your activities more enjoyable. You can listen to music for up to 27 hours with Beosound Explore, which you can use all day long by attaching it to your bag with its aluminum body and carabiner. With the Beosound Explore portable bluetooth speaker, which offers dust and water resistance with its IP67 certificate, you can listen to loud and high quality music.

You can experience Bang & Olufsen's portable bluetooth speaker models and much more at Hifilife Kanyon and Hifilife Akasya experience stores for free and determine which speaker is right for your needs with the support of Hifilife Product Experts.

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