Sennheiser IE 900 High-End Reference In-Ear Headphones

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The definition of perfection renewed: Sennheiser IE 900

Crafted from aluminum, this earphone delivers flawless sound accuracy and an incredibly realistic audio experience, thanks to the newly developed TrueResponse dynamic drivers that are at the heart of Sennheiser's X3R technology.

This unique earphone, which has reached the pinnacle of German technology engineering, was developed solely to deliver pure, realistic sound.

Featured Features :

  • A whole new peak in portable audio

  • Unrivalled precision & craftsmanship

  • Made in Germany

  • X3R Technology: TrueResponse drivers combined with 3 Helmholtz resonance chambers and acoustic vortex for high consistency and precise diaphragm response

  • Anodized aluminum body

  • Hand-assembled at Sennheiser headquarters

  • More stable listening with “Gold-plated Fidelity” (+) MMCX connection connector

  • Para-aramid reinforced cable (2.5mm, 3.5mm, 4.4mm)

  • Adjustable earhook and optionally replaceable eartips

  • Wide sound response range: 5 Hz - 48,000 Hz

  • Very low Total Harmonic Distortion: 0.05% (1 kHz, 94 dB)

  • Low impedance: 16 ohms

The IE 900 — Never compromise on quality

High-fidelity recordings are pieces of art. Just as with a valuable painting, it would be a disgrace to allow damage during transport. The IE 900 reveals the true potential of any recording. If it’s a masterpiece, you’ll hear it. Brilliant, sparkling treble — with no trace of sibilance. Powerful lows without creating muddy mids. An uncanny ability to resolve fine detail — alongside warmth and comfort for extended sessions.

Perfect, passionate highs; harmonically rich, clear mid frequencies; strong and articulate low bass frequencies. That's a headphone that faithfully reproduces all the colors of sound in rich and flawless detail. And it's comfortable and relaxing even during extended listening sessions.

All these qualities derive from inspired feats of engineering. Take Sennheiser’s trusted 7 mm transducer, for instance. We’ve made it just that much better for the IE 900. Or the all-new X3R triple-chamber absorber technology milled right into the solid aluminum core with its downstream acoustic vortex. Taken together, these innovations deliver a unique level of balance and transparency — so you never have to compromise again.

Explore every last detail

We put our utmost effort into capturing every nuance of musical performance while producing the IE 900. Our goal was to recreate the creativity of the music and the artist that was recorded in the studio or on stage, allowing you to feel like you are there. This can only be achieved by having equipment that is as unique as the recording itself. The TrueResponse drivers, which are the ultimate example of German engineering and manufacturing excellence, provide exceptional natural sound production. The main task of this technology is to ensure that the diaphragm produces precise frequency responses, thanks to the high-quality materials used and the perfect balance of internal damping. When the signal stops, the sound stops immediately. This level of responsiveness will reveal new details and previously undiscovered musicality in even your most familiar and beloved songs.

The only thing that matters with IE 900 is what you hear. Each instrument, each tone will be heard individually and clearly. And with IE 900, you won't just hear the unique talent of the musician. The acoustic properties of the room in which the musician is performing will also take on a whole new meaning, adding a magnificent flavor to your listening experience. Rather than just hearing the sound superficially, you can dive into the most complex passages, exploring breathtaking soundscapes immersed in harmonies.

A New Level of Clear and Detailed Sound

When designing the IE 900, a very important decision had to be made. The natural disadvantages of using multiple drivers (phase problems and distortion caused by overlapping frequency ranges) made this decision much easier: to use a single dynamic driver! The highest quality without compromising anything.

To achieve the sound we were looking for, we designed a system with three sophisticated Helmholtz resonators: the X3R! This important structure, which we placed inside the solid aluminum body of each earphone, serves as a channel. These channels act as resonant dampers to prevent the resonance that occurs in many other earphones from occurring in the IE 900. Undampened resonances are a concept known as sound coloration, which causes certain frequencies to stand out and deviate from the true sound.

The IE 900 is a headphone that aims to achieve the most natural sound possible and reflects the Sennheiser philosophy. In addition, we integrated another crucial component into this complex structure. Vortex, swirls acoustic energy like a vortex to ensure smooth and soft transitions when the sound signals reach their peak.

Our goal was to achieve a transparent sound with no distracting peaks or troughs. One thing this requires is clear separation of lows and mids. To ensure accuracy across this critical frequency band, we’ve employed what is known as an acoustic back volume. It’s a small chamber within a chamber we have tuned to manage the slope and amplitude of the bass lift. The way the back volume helps achieve such a clear and natural sound signature is by controlling the direction and overall volume of air as it moves through the transducer system. What you hear is a pleasantly disciplined bass and mid-range experience. Unpleasant resonances and listening fatigue vanish in this small space with a big effect.

The sound of manufacturing expertise

The IE 900 comes to life in our world-renowned German manufacturing facilities. This reputation shines through in this headphone as proof of why Sennheiser's exceptional quality products deserve such praise. The use of aluminum is one of the first elements of this famous production philosophy. The well-fitted and precisely milled structure provides aesthetic satisfaction and reflects the perfect fit of electro-acoustic components for long-term use. Five-axis CNC machines make precision cuts for each individual block of aluminum to create the body of each earphone. The result is a work of art. After the anodizing process, the headphone body/capsule has high durability against use and corrosion. Each pair of drivers in the IE 900 is automatically matched during production to ensure that the same sound comes from both ear capsules. The result? An equivalent soundstage with no jumps or differentiation.

A precise fit for precise sound

Working musicians rely on high-quality, form fitting earphones known as personal monitoring systems. But we felt the privilege of enjoying perfect live sound should not be the exclusive right of the performers of the world. So, we took the comfort and secure fit of these professional solutions as inspiration for the IE 900. Now you can enjoy a fit and quality that rival that experienced by the artists who create your music.

Included with the IE 900 are silicone ear adapters and three elastic foam ear adapter sets in three different sizes. They adapt to the natural shape of your ear for a tailored fit. We’ve all been there: an amazing piece of music spoiled by a recurring bass note that happens to match the resonant frequency of your loudspeakers or headphones. Or rough treble sibilance that makes longer sessions uncomfortable. Such obvious deficiencies are unthinkable with the IE 900. All you will hear is precisely what the artist intended. They’re perfect at your desk, on a train, or taking a walk through the woods. Never have a listening session spoiled by your earphones again.

Variety of Connections for Peaceful In-Ear Use and Best Experience

Extraordinary In addition to the sound quality, I E 900 for audiophiles to enjoy for many years Manufactured using the strongest and most consistent materials possible.

The six-layer "Fidelity+ MMCX" connectors provide excellent grip. Each connection end is securely placed in the 4.8 mm wide socket cavity carved into the surface bottom the body. This prevents any problems such as tension. The cable is reinforced with para-aramid, allowing it to be bent thousands of times. You can carry the headphones in the specially designed carrying case without any risk of harsh bends.

You can connect the IE 900 to almost any digital audio source via a 3.5mm jack, such as an amplifier, laptop, or any other audio device.

Each pair of IE 900 comes with 2.5mm and 4.4mm symmetrical cables. Thus, when you need it, you can connect your headphones to Hi-Fi units in a balanced way. Because -most natural sound Having quality requires hearing every detail.

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