Sennheiser HD 25 Plus Professional Monitor and DJ Headset

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 The legendary headphones are now here with much more. Ideal monitor headphones for cameramen and DJs, these headphones are the working headphones of real sound professionals.

With their low weight and single-ear listening option, HD 25 Plus headphones are essential for mobile monitoring. The closed-back HD 25 Plus headphones are designed for their purpose, reducing background noise to a high degree as professional monitor headphones.

These headphones are carefully designed for professionals and have a very robust structure that can handle very high sound pressure levels.

The HD 25 Plus, an ideal monitor headphone for cameramen and DJs, is a long-lasting and high-quality headphone that real sound professionals will enjoy using with pleasure.

  • It has high sensitivity thanks to its lightweight aluminum voice coils.
  • Ability to cope with very high sound pressure levels

  • It has a light structure that does not disturb in long-term use.

  • Rugged, detachable single-sided cable.
  • Flexible hinge structure suitable for one-ear listening.
    Features HD 25 Light HD 25 HD 25 Plus
    Lightweight design * * *
    replaceable cable * * *
    single sided cable * *
    split headband
    * *
    swiveling earpiece * *
    Extra cable included *
    Extra Ear pads included *
    Carrying Bag *


    Technicial Specifications:

    Color: Black

    Frequency response (Headphone): 16 - 22000Hz

    THD, total harmonic distortion: < 0.3 %

    Contact pressure: ~ 2.5 N

    Ear connection: supraaural

    jack plug: 3.5/6.3mm stereo

    Cable length: 1-3 m

    Transducer principle: dynamic, closed

    Weight: Wireless: ~ 140 g

    Rated impedance: 70 Ω

    Load coefficient: 200 mW

    Max. Sound pressure level (effective): 120 dB

    What is in the box?

    • 1 * HD 25 Plus
    • 1 * Screw jack adapter 3.5 to 6.3 mm
    • 1 * Carrying bag
    • 1 * pair of additional soft ear cushions
    • 1 * additional 1.5m-3m flat cable

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