Oehlbach XXL Power Socket 908 High-End Phase Protected Socket Multiplexer

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Oehlbach XXL Power Socket 908 High-End Phase Protected Multi-Socket Socket System

Oehlbach Silver Plated Speaker Cable


OEHLBACH's Powersocket 908 is a multi-outlet power strip designed perfectly to meet even the highest demands in its class and at the top end of the segment. The power strip has a total of eight separate sockets, four of which are digital (filtered) and four are analog (unfiltered). The individual socket outlets of the Powersocket 908 feature phase markings and the correct connections are indicated by a red control lamp to ensure that the equipment's phases are connected correctly. This is the only way to effectively prevent potential balance currents from mixing with audio and video data. The cross-section of the highly pure oxygen-free copper internal conductor, which is 3.3 mm² in size, forms the basis for real high-end internal cabling and guarantees stable power supplies in all cases, even for components with high power requirements.

Power cable is included.



Cable cross section

Power cord supplied with delivery.

Housing Material

2 socket groups (with/without filter) can be changed separately

Weight (net)

2800 g


24kt gold plated contacts, Reliable contact, 2 USB sockets for chargers

Inner conductive material

OFC - oxygen free copper


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