Oehlbach SP-40 Speaker Cable 2x4.0 mm2

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Colour: Transparent
Length: 10 meters

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Oehlbach Speaker Wire SP-40 1000 Speaker Cable

Oehlbach SP-40 Speaker Cable 2x4.0 mm2 


A perfectly crafted stereo speaker cable wound around a mini coil. This speaker cable is suitable for amplifier performances up to about 180 watts per amplifier channel. The use of oxygen-free copper (OFC) as the conductor material ensures extremely clear and lifelike sound with this speaker cable. The cable is also made of numerous ultra-thin copper wires - each wire has an approximately 0.10 mm cross-section. This complex design means that the cable is particularly conductive and flexible from end to end.



Bending Race


Inner Conductive Material

OFC - Oxygen-free copper

Cable Geometry


Cable Cross Section

2 x 4.0 mm²

Maximum Power

For amplifier performances up to 180 watts


Stereo Speaker Cable, 30-year warranty

Cable Material



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