Oehlbach Fono NF Audio Silver RCA Cable

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Body: 1.5 Meters

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Oehlbach Fono NF Audio Silver RCA Cable

Phono NF Audio RCA cable



Perfectly made, pre-assembled phono cinch cable with additional ground for connecting turntables to amplifiers. The coaxial design of the inner conductor and silver-plated wires enable this high-quality Oehlbach cable to produce particularly transparent transmissions in the treble range, while also ensuring room-filling bass performances – as a result of the OFC copper used. The 24-carat gold-plated metal cinch plug guarantees excellent reliable contact and pleasant use.

Connecting Material

solid metal plug

Bending Radius


Inner Conductive Material

SPC/OFC - silver-plated oxygen-free copper

Cable Geometry



Multiple protection

Protective Structure

1 x aluminum foil + 1 x silver-plated copper braid


Reliable contact, 24kt gold-plated contacts, 30-year warranty

Cable Material

Robust plastic cover, plastic

Cable Diameter

2 x 5.5mm + 1 x 2mm


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