KEF R5 Floorstanding Passive Hifi Speaker (Double)

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Compact Three-way Floorstanding Speakers

The harmony that surprised even KEF engineers. Thanks to the harmony of its compact structure, you will not believe the effect on the sound of your music and movies.


KEF, an British speaker manufacturer founded in 1961, has been a proud pioneer of sonic excellence in its industry from day one. Born in Kent, England, with the abbreviation of Kent Engineering & Faundry, KEF has spread its quality to the whole world and has been continuing its activities under the GP Acoustics umbrella as a hi-fi audio product manufacturer since 2018.

The elegant R5 features a Uni-Q with 125mm (5") midrange drivers and a 25mm (1") aluminum tweeter for incredible detail , while dual 130mm (5.25") hybrid aluminum bass drivers will make you feel the sound again.

The only thing that remains the same is the name

The new KEF R Series has been redesigned with every single part. Decades of experience and endless passion for music come together in the new R Series . Combining with the renewed and improved technologies from the Reference Series , the new R Series offers more detail, deeper feel and much more excitement.

R Series

Three different Tower types, center speaker And rack speakers with the R series, a full stage performance each in its own class They are masterpieces dedicated to delivering the best performance .

Developed with R Series Reference

At KEF , the Reference Series is the home of the latest technological innovations. This achievement is the result of hardworking, creative research and development by the best engineers in the industry. The new R Series takes advantage of the technologies, materials and advances acquired for the Reference Series .

Feel the music

When you want to forget the outside world and lose yourself in the world of music, R Series promises to take you there. The pursuit of developing perfect speakers at KEF has been continuing every day for over 50 years with passion. Like you, we don't just want to listen to music; we want to experience it, immerse ourselves in it, and feel a part of it with every melody.

The real story is sound

In the world of movies, the best sound engineers have the ability to weave amazing sound bonds, and the new R Series is your ticket to getting the best results from movies, providing natural and seamless sound that is essential for an exceptional surround sound experience.

Sleek Design

The KEF speaker is the living embodiment of the harmony of form and function. With two different glossy coated surfaces or wooden designs, KEF's design details with special tones and its quality exterior appearance will impress you aesthetically as well as its sound.

 Microfiber Dust Filters

The R Series is designed to deliver the best sound with or without grilles. The microfiber grille design is a first for KEF and not only looks elegant but also has a negligible impact on performanceIt adapts to KEF 's gradational approach to match its signature tonal coatings and is designed with a suede-like effect.



Product of the Year (2019)

What Hi-Fi? is a leading independent guide to Hi-Fi and home entertainment products, established in 1976. For nearly 40 years, What Hi-Fi? has honored brands and products with awards such as "Product of the Year" and "Best Buyable Product," which are considered the "Oscars" of the Hi-Fi audio and home cinema industry.



27.3 kg


1075 x 175 x 343.5mm


3-way bass reflex


30Hz-50kHz (-6dB)


29Hz (-6dB)


52Hz-28kHz (±3dB)


<0.3% 120Hz-20kHz (90dB, 1m)




15-200W (recommended)


8 Ohms (min. 3.2 Ohms)


Uni-Q Driver

HF: 25mm (1in.)

MF: 125mm (5in.)


LF: 2x 130mm (5.25in.)


400Hz, 2.9kHz


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