EarFun Air True Wireless In-Ear Bluetooth Headphones

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Colour: Black

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EarFun Air True Wireless In-Ear Bluetooth Headphones

EarFun Air - Black

  • Winner of CES 2020 Innovation Award & iF Design Award 2020
  • Clear speech transmission in phone calls with the noise filtering feature of 4 advanced microphones
  • In-Ear Capacitive Sensing Technology
  • Touch controls and management
  • Excellent sound performance with specially produced composite cellulose drivers
  • IPX7 rated water resistance and Sweatshield™ technology
  • Single headphone use feature. It supports the latest MCSync technology.
  • Volume control from a single point
  • Quick charge feature: 2 hours with 10 minutes charge,
  • Up to 35 hours of playtime: up to 7 hours with headphones, up to 28 hours in the carrying case, up to 35 hours total listening time
  • Wireless and USB-C charging chance


Seamless Ergonomic Fit

EarFun Air is designed to fit the human ear perfectly and securely, based on modeling tests analyzed against thousands of human ear shapes and extensive results of advanced 3D ear models. You don't have to worry about the possibility of falling out of the ear. Go beyond the limits with EarFun Air .

All Control at Your Fingertips

Control your music, calls and voice assistant with the touch touchpad technology built into both earbuds. The smart design feature means you can activate Google Assistant or Siri by triple tapping the right/left earbud.

Noise Filtering Call Technology with Microphone

Earfun Air offers an excellent conversation experience so you can make calls with more transparent voice performance, thanks to its advanced 4-microphone call technology that filters out the annoying noise around you. Moreover, you can answer calls using one or both earbuds.

Versatile Use Option

Based on the latest TWS+ technology, EarFun Air supports single earphone usage mode. Each headset can switch between phone calls and playback functions.

Best Wireless Streaming Experience:

It offers exceptional sound on both iOS and Android devices with seamless connectivity via Bluetooth 5.0 . Your music and calls will be more stable with no wires to get in the way. No audio dropouts, no interruptions in connection.

IPX7 Rating and Innovative SweatShield™ Technology

EarFun has developed this unique technology that hermetically seals its internal internal circuitry. So EarFun Air will keep every single drop of sweat where it belongs, out. Crowned with IPX7 rated certification, the headset stands up to tough conditions.

Headphones That Know Exactly What You Want

With In-Ear Capacitive Sensing Technology, the music stops automatically as soon as you take the headphones out of your ear. In both earphones, the music will stop until you put the earphone in your ear. That's how simple it is to listen to music with EarFun Air.

Uninterrupted Audio Performance

With its long-term battery, EarFun Air allows you to carry music with you for up to 35 hours without interruption. Offering up to 7 hours of listening experience on headphones and up to 28 hours in the carrying case, the headset allows you to have music freely. Moreover, with its ability to be used for 2 hours with a 10-minute fast charge, it is with you even in your sudden travels.

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